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Joanna Gaines. joannagaines/Instagram / Brian Ach/AP

"My parents met in 1969 as soon as my dad to be stationed in Korea and also their story is one girlfriend hear around in the movies," Joanna wrote in an Instagram post. "All the odds were against them but they battled through and became an example of just how to love, fight for, extend grace to, and honor each various other amidst every their numerous differences."


Joanna Gaines. Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo bank via Getty pictures

Joanna Gaines gained her very first experience of being on camera through filming advertising for her dad"s automotive business.

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"When i enrolled in college a couple of years later, all the fun I"d had actually filming those advertising led me to become interested in transfer journalism. And by my an elderly year, ns was fortunate enough to snag a pretty decent journalism internship in brand-new York City," Gaines created in a blog post.

However, ~ returning residence from her semester in brand-new York City, Gaines stated she to be no longer interested in ending up being a journalist.

"When the semester ended, I can remember emotion as despite I"d just wasted four years working towards a level that was no longer of any type of interest come me," she said. "I went back to Waco v no arrangement beyond the reality that i no much longer wanted to it is in a news reporter."

Chip dreamed of ending up being a politician or baseball player in his younger years.


Chip Gaines discusses his book, "Capital Gaines: Smart things I Learned law Stupid Stuff" at construct Studio ~ above October 18, 2017, in new York City. plunder Kim/Getty pictures

Gaines play baseball in his first year of university at Baylor University however was reduced from the team his sophomore year. If Gaines no longer has desires of becoming a experienced athlete, the hasn"t ruled out going right into politics.

In his memoir, "Capital Gaines," he created that he hopes his obituarywill say Joanna came to be president in 2040 and also he offered as she vice president.

He also writes, "If I ever run because that public office one day, there"s a an excellent chance my stump speech will be around making it illegal to live in fear."

Despite both attending the same college, Chip and also Joanna never ever crossed paths on campus.


Baylor University. Felix Mizioznikov/Shutterstock

Joanna and also Chip Gaines both attend Baylor college in Waco, Texas, but were only on campus together for one semester in the fall of 1998. Chip graduated that year through a level in marketing, while Joanna majored in communications.

During his time in college, Chip was known as a serial entrepreneur, and even started a couple of small businesses, including a prepaid laundry service, a fireworks stand, and multiple landscaping companies.

Instead of meeting at school, the pair met because that the very first time three years later.

Chip knew Joanna was "the one" after see a photo of her in she dad's auto shop and in the shop's TV commercials.

Joanna and also Chip Gaines. Joanna Gaines/Facebook

On a visit come Joanna"s father"s Firestone auto shop, Chip i found it a photo of Joanna manning the it is registered on the wall.

"I knew I"d marry she one day simply by the picture on the wall," hetold PopSugar.

However, they didn't fulfill until Chip came right into Joanna's father's automotive company on an additional occasion to gain his brakes done.

Joanna and Chip Gaines. "Fixer Upper"/HGTV

"My buddies used to constantly joke the no one could get their brakes excellent as often as I gained my brakes done," Chiptold KWTX News 10.

When the pair finally met in person, the an initial thing Chip stated to Joanna was, "Hey, you"re the girl in the commercials." The 2 then sat exterior the auto shop and also chatted for fifty percent an hour.

The really next day, Chip called Joanna and also asked her out on a date.

On their first date, Chip and Joanna ate fried chicken in the restaurant the a historical mansion.

A human being eating fried chicken. chainarong06/Shutterstock

According come an excerpt from your memoir, "The Magnolia Story," Chip was reportedly over an hour late to choose Joanna up for their date.

"Chip was claimed to pick me up in ~ six. Six rolls around. No Chip. Climate six-thirty — tho no Chip. Ns thought, Well, possibly he assumed the day was at seven, therefore I gave him the advantage of the doubt. But when seven came and went, i was official done," she wrote.

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"Finally, in ~ seven-thirty, a full ninety minutes late, he knocked in ~ the door. "Don"t even answer it," i whispered to mine friends. "I don"t want to go everywhere with this idiot."

""But we want to view what the looks like!" lock said, and also so one of them lastly opened the door while i hung back out of sight... "Well, hello, ladies," Chip stated as he moved his means into the apartment. I could tell that he charmed every among them in around two seconds flat."

"He didn"t apologize for being late, either. He had actually so lot confidence. Ns don"t know. Ns can"t define it. Just Chip can be one hour and a fifty percent late and have nobody mad around it," Joanna wrote.