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A heartless CEO completely automates his factory, laying off all of his employees.

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What ever before happened come the seven children from the Waltons?

One set a skydiving record, another became a teacher in countryside Virginia.


On the screen, the Waltons to be obviously a large, tight family. That same spirit lugged behind-the-scenes, together well. For the young stars who played the seven youngsters of John and Olivia, your costars came to be like siblings. After all, they prospered up and also worked with each other for nearly a decade.

The performers behind the characters John-Boy, mary Ellen, Jason, Erin, Ben, Elizabeth and Jim-Bob have actually led interesting lives. Possibly you have actually seen few of them pop up in movies and also shows over the years. Others transitioned to a personal life.

Let"s take it a look at what these 7 actors walk after The Waltons.


1. Richard thomas


The Manhattan native started his exhilaration career before he rotate 10 year old, landing duties on Broadway and also in daytime television. No wonder he"s been acting ever since. Exterior of The Waltons, perhaps you most know him indigenous his lead role in the original miniseries adaption of Stephen King"s It. Recently, he had actually a significant role top top The Americans, the FX spy series about Russian agents undercover in the U.S.A. Thomas played the FBI ceo of the neighbors. In the past year, the previous John-Boy turned increase inNCIS: new Orleans,The Blacklist and also Billions. It"s hard to think he"ll say "Good night" to his exhilaration career anytime soon.

2. Judy Norton


Taylor shook her an excellent girl picture in the Eighties. In august 1985, she posed because that a photographic in Playboy magazine, an problem that featured an interview through Fidel Castro. Approximately that same time, an illustration onCircus the the Stars taught her skydiving, i m sorry she take it to with aplomb. She skydived for a decade, setting some records. "They’ve since been broken, but at the time I organized one because that the largest development of women, which to be 60," Taylor said Zoomer,"and climate the largest development of men and women, and also there was 220 the us." She later lived in Canada for a time, managing neighborhood theaters inWinnipeg and also Edmonton. In 2016, she exit an album referred to as Reflections.

3. Jon Walmsley


Speaking that music, the guitar-strumming Walmsley frequently had a six-string in his hand playing Jason ~ above The Waltons. He ended up complying with his music muse ~ the show. You deserve to hear that ripping with a etc solo ~ above the Richard Marx track "Real World" indigenous the album Repeat Offender. Walmsley, born in England, was additionally well known for offering the voice of Christopher Robin in lovely Disney Winnie the Pooh animated films. He ultimately returned to England, relocating to Cornwall.

4. Mary Elizabeth McDonough


In 2018, Hallmark aired a vacation movie calledChristmas ~ above Honeysuckle Lane. It was adjusted from a book written byMary McDonough, a sequel to her previous novel One Year. If you watched the film, you might have caught McDonough play the characterCaroline Reynolds. Elsewhere, the former Erin Walton could be viewed on the Christian network TBN, on the clinical reality showMcDougall M.D.

5. Eric Scott


The erstwhile Ben Walton went into business. He aided run a company called chase Messenger which available messenger company to "all of southerly California."

6. Kami Cotler


Believe the or not, tiny redheaded Elizabeth Walton finished up in landscape Virginia because that real. Kami Cotler gone after a job in education, teaching in the only Area, san Diego… and rural Virginia, not far from Earl Hamner Jr."s home! There, she taught at-risk high college students. Currently, she isDirector of Strategic campaigns at ecological Charter Schools, i beg your pardon operates in the Los Angeles area.

7. David W. Harper


The male who once played Jim-Bob chose a exclusive life ~ acting. In a rarely 2016 interview v, Harper described that he stepped away from the spotlight to treatment for his father, other actor Paul Harper. Contrary to some reports, he is not an art dealer. That is a various David Harper.


during her years acting on The Waltons, Judy"s last name was provided as Judy Norton-Taylor. Whomever wrote the article apparently left that component off, or Judy dropped that from her name later, and also she simply goes by Judy Norton now (like just how Meredith Baxter dropped Birney indigenous her name after gaining divorced).
Richard Thomas remained in a an excellent Christmas movie years ago, where he remained in the north Pole. It"s one of the ideal Christmas movies I"ve ever before seen! ns don"t mental the name of it.

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I simply looked that up. Ns think it"s "The Christmas Secret." great movie! ns haven"t seen it in years!I also like his Christmas movie "Yes VIrginia, over there is a Santa Claus." but it"s not as an excellent a movie together "The Christmas Secret."His movie "The Christmas Box" is depressing.
The Christmas box is the just Richard Thomas" Christmas film i know. The only method I know it"s depressing is because Maureen O"Hara"s character passed away at the end. I additionally remember the she gave him a riddle about God giving the world the greatest gift he can give them. He and another personality joked the it to be a necktie. It turned the end to be a child, his only, begotten son, Jesus Christ. We celebrate his birth every December 25th.
i didn"t psychic the part of the movie around the gift. It"s to be years due to the fact that I"ve viewed the movie. Jesus Christ is the ideal Christmas gift.
#3...and all this time I thought John Walmsley play Jason. Wonder why John and also Olivia called two guys Ben?

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A heartless CEO fully automates his factory, laying off all of his employees.

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