Robin Williams to be a successful, beloved gibbs whose movies grossed almost $5 billion worldwide. Yet at the moment of his death, that was near bankruptcy and also reportedly worth about $50 million because of multiple divorces.

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“Divorce is expensive,” Williams, that was married come his 3rd wife at the time of his death, defined to Parade Magazine. “I offered to joke they were going to speak to it ‘all the money,’ but they changed it to ‘alimony.’ It’s ripping her heart out v your wallet.”

Robin was survived by his 3 children: Zachary, 31,Zelda, 25, and Cody, 22, as well as third wife Susan Schneider Williams and also her two teenage youngsters from a previous marriage.

He collection up trust funds because that his children

TMZ reported that Robin set up trust funds for all three of his children. The trust documents proclaimed that eachchild would receive 1/3 that the share at age21, fifty percent of what continued to be at25, and also their complete share at30. The was no dependent onRobin’s death.

Zachary has actually received his money in full, while Cody and also Zelda have actually each got payment based upon their ages and will be paid in full at age 30. Each of the kids released a statement complying with Robin’s death that relayed just how much their father intended to them.

“Yesterday, I shed my father and a finest friend and also the world got a small grayer,” started the statement native Zak Williams. That is the only child native Robin’s very first marriage come Valerie Velardi.

Cody Williams, one of two youngsters from Robin’s second marriage to Marsha Garces, said: “The people will never be the very same without him.”

His daughter Zelda’s statement touched the understanding of countless fans and also showed she love for her late father.

“Dad was, is and always will be among the kindest, most generous, gentlest souls I’ve ever before known, and while over there are few things I know for details right now, one of them is that not simply my world, however the entire civilization is forever a tiny darker, less colorful and less complete of laughter in his absence. Fine just have to work twice as hard to to fill it back up again.”

Still, Robin’s death proved stressful for his children, who discovered themselves entangled in a fight over his $100 million estate with wife Susan Schneider Williams.


Zak Williams, son of Robin Williams, throws the end the ceremonial an initial pitch together Zelda and also Cody Williams look on prior to Game five of the 2014 World collection | Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Robin left his children his approximated $100 million estate together well

Almost six months following Robin’s death, his 3 children and widow became connected in a controversial legal conflict over his estate and various an individual possessions. Robin took his own life in august 2014. By December, court documents revealed the Schneider Williams and also the three youngsters were involved in a disagreement over the money and property left to them.

Both political parties revealed their interest in maintaining memorabilia such as Robin’s bicycles, collections of fossils, and also photographs. The largest asset in ~ stake was the $100 million home, i m sorry Robin left come his youngsters under the condition that his wife was taken care of.

The two parties ultimately resolved allowing Schneider Williams “only a fraction” of the estate, which must be “sufficient to enable her to remain in the home for her lifetime.” She was also allowed to save the emotional items she requested consisting of their wedding gifts, a watch, and the bike castle bought with each other on their honeymoon.

His youngsters retained Robin’s awards consisting of hisGood will Hunting ideal Supporting gibbs Academy Award, six gold Globes, 2 Emmys, and five Grammys, as well as the bulk of the estate.

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“The kids are relieved to have actually this behind them,” Meredith Bushnell, the attorney because that Williams’ children, toldPeople Magazine.