Never a dull moment! Nadya Suleman, who is widely recognized as “Octomom,” became a family name when she invited a healthy set of octuplets back in 2009. In ~ the time, she had currently conceived six other youngsters through IVF, making her a mother of 14.

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Although she previously scored a transaction for a fact TV display in the joined Kingdom, the star — who goes by the name Natalie Suleman top top Instagram — has kept out of the public eye for the most part. However, she walk share updates around her large brood every so regularly on society media.

On June 15, 2020, she post several new photos the her children smiling when spending time together in the kitchen. “Nariyah and Maliyah are progressively taking over as head chefs since they love to cook.”


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Noticably absent from the photo was her child Aidan. The star formerly spoke out about his developmental disorder ~ above Instagram, revealing the he is ~ above the “Autism spectrum.” Nadya vowed come “never provide up ~ above him,” and also discussed exactly how she want to offer him the best life possible.

In an additional heartfelt article on the platform, the Fullerton native expressed just how grateful she to be for the loyal adhering to she’s gained over the past 12 years. Nadya also revealed at the moment what she was hoping to attain in the year to come.


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“I will try to share far more frequently with you every this year; and also in addition, elucidate misconceptions from my past. 2020 clues the saturday year since escaping the false life ns was leading; forging on, structure a better life because that my family,” she composed in the caption.

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After see the recent pic of her kids, fans can’t think how much they have actually grown up. Nadya previously gushed end what incredible people they are ending up being while celebrate their first day of 5th grade ago in august 2019.

She noted, “You are all becoming some that the many kind, selfless, caring people I have ever before known.”

Scroll with the gallery listed below to watch photos the Nadya’s darling children today!

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Courtesy of Nadya Suleman/Instagram


Could she be any type of sweeter with her pigtails? certainly not!

“My small baby is growing up also fast,” Nayda captioned this snap.

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Courtesy that Nadya Suleman/Instagram


Eating nutritiously! The doting mom shared this valuable pic the her son Jonah.

“Jonah share the shortly to it is in devoured forest before dinner. #HealthyFamily #GreenChard #HalfTheSizeOfJonah,” she wrote.

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Courtesy that Nadya Suleman


Nariyah is “the key chef” the the family! top top February 21, 2021, Nadya common photos and also videos of her mini-me make “delicious homemade vegan fettuccini.”

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Courtesy that Nadya Suleman/Instagram


Nadya’s kid Noah clearly has a enthusiasm for music. She praised his “wonderful” start strings performance in the caption of this charming portrait.

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Courtesy of Nadya Suleman/Instagram


Twinning! Eli and also his pair sis Amerah “allowed” their mom to take this festive photo of castle while celebrate Christmas.

“We all worth privacy, therefore this is serious progression in the society media world,” she wrote.

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Courtesy the Nadya Suleman/Instagram


Amerah i graduated from high institution in December 2020, and plans to end up being a doctor! “Words cannot express just how proud ns am that you!” Nadya wrote. “Your strength and also relentless perseverance space admirable and I have faith you will attain your goal of one day ending up being a doctor! This is simply the start of the beautiful life you select to attain. Give thanks to you God because that protecting my love from work one.”

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Courtesy the Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Aidan and Makai

The brotherly love is real. Aidan (left) invested some top quality time with his sibling exterior in this heartwarming pic.

“Everywhere Aidan walk Makai follows,” Nadya shared.

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Courtesy that Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Josiah and Jeremiah

The formation assembled! Josiah (wearing red in the middle) and also Jeremiah (in the black shirt on the right) were all smiles in this cute pic.

“Makai, Nariyah, Maliyah, Josiah, Jonah, and also Jeremiah you to be so fun to clock in choir,” Nadya gushed.

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Courtesy that Nadya Suleman/Instagram


Isaiah, ~ above the far left, was over the moon come be amongst the winners of the 5k in their period group.

And guess who else made the roster? His brothers Josiah and also Noah, as well as their sister Maliyah.

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Courtesy that Nadya Suleman/Instagram


Congrats room in order for Amerah, that graduated from high college in December 2020. “Words can not express just how proud ns am the you!! your strength and also relentless perseverance are admirable and I have confidence you will accomplish your goal of one day ending up being a doctor! This is simply the beginning of the beautiful life you select to attain. Say thanks to you, God, for protecting my heart from job one,” Nadya gushed top top Instagram.

Amerah is also practically the spitting picture of her famous mother! “Love my point of view #SheActuallyLetMePostThis,” the media personality captioned a ahead shot.

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Courtesy of Nadya Suleman/Instagram


Welcome come the teenage years! “So THIS is what happens when I ask my teenage son to take it a photo of my twins for their 13th birthday dinner,” Nadya wrote alongside this pic that Caleb and Calyssa.

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Courtesy the Nadya Suleman/Instagram


To celebrate their mom’s birthday, Calyssa (middle) and also her sister whipped up a very delicious meal.

Nadya wrote, “My youngsters left me speechless after spontaneously surprising me v homemade vegetable fruit pancakes for breakfast.”

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Courtesy Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Family Fun

Nadya mutual a rare video with every one of her children playing football on April 11, 2021. Every one of them were having actually a blast if kicking around the ball and enjoying the gorgeous weather outside.

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Courtesy that Nadya Suleman/Instagram

“Girls Night Out”

Sharing a photograph of a girl’s night out, Nadya likewise went on to post around enjoying a girl’s night in in may 2021.

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Courtesy the Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Spa Treatment

Enjoying a girl’s night in, Nadya no only mutual a photo of herself and also her daughters put on spa facial masks in ~ home, she admitted in her inscription that “staying in is therefore much an ext fun … particularly with the cats.”

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Courtesy that Nadya Suleman/Instagram


Sharing a photo of Eli and Amerah in 2002, Nadya created in the inscription of her July 2021 Instagram post, “Throwing it earlier to nearly 20 years ago.”

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Courtesy the Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Enjoying the Sunset

Along v the beachside photo, Nadya wrote in the caption, “Chilly summer nights in Laguna coast watching Eli surf.”

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Courtesy the Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Pool Time!

Sharing a candid video clip of her kids frolicking in the pool, Nadya wrote that there room so “many unique and also diverse individualities in the very same family.”

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Courtesy the Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Summer Reading

While plenty of of her youngsters were enjoying the pool, Nadya added that “some children choose daytime or nighttime swim fun; and others like studying anatomy and also physiology,” before including that Isaiah is “determined” to it is in a neurosurgeon and that Makai is “so shy.”

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Courtesy the Nadya Suleman/Instagram


Rounding the end her poolside posts, Nadya mutual a video of her youngsters all law handstands in the water at night.

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Courtesy of Nadya Suleman/Instagram

“Beautiful Princess”

Nadya common a throwback picture of Amerah on august 6, sweetly captioning it, “Beautiful princess Amerah, and me, precise a month after having JJ (not pictured).”

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Courtesy Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Nature Lovers

The Suleman girls had fun visiting a botanical garden through their mom. “Grateful because that nature, and also our simple, humble life,” Nadya gushed on august 9.

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Courtesy that Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Smell the Roses

Keeping in layout with her botanical garden photo, Nadya mutual a pic the the Suleman girl holding bouquets of roses.

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Courtesy of Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Happy Birthday, Joshua!

Celebrating Joshua’s 18th date of birth on august 20 by share a throwback photo of him and Aiden from 2007, Nadya created in the caption, “Happy 18th birthday to my second oldest child Joshua. You have grown right into a highly intelligent, self-motivated, hard working, responsible, and also respectful young man.” She added, “You room a rare and unique individual, v the most sardonic feeling of humor of anyone I’ve ever known. Ns love you an ext than words have the right to express. You space loved and also appreciated by united state all. Ns respect your an option to stay private, and always will.”

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Courtesy the Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Church Visit

After attending church v her children, Nadya common this cute snap of she kids and a “beautiful” post she had while at the service: “It is constantly appropriate come love. The is never proper to judge.. Offer the exact same amount of elegant to rather you would want provided to you.”

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Courtesy of Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Vegan Takeout

Sharing a post-church picture of her children in September 2021, Nadya stated they were all participating in a “family fun night” waiting for vegetable burgers.

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Courtesy the Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Penelope the Cat

“Is it simply me, or is Penelope’s prescribed weight loss regime not working?” Nadya created in the subtitle of this adorable picture of the family’s pets cat, Penelope. “Anyone have suggestions?”

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Courtesy Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Halloween 2021

Nadya and her daughters pulled out all the stops through their vampire costumes for Halloween, wearing fangs and also spooky costume to partake in the vacation fun.

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Courtesy that Nadya Suleman/Instagram

Post-Church Snap

Sharing a photograph of her youngsters after attending church together, Nadya composed in the inscription that she “loved just how our church implemented a brand-new teaching collection on depression and anxiety in the ministry.”

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Courtesy the Nadya Suleman/Instagram

A Rare photo of Caleb

Of the three photos Nadya common in she series, among them included a rare picture of Caleb. She composed in the comment section, “Very rarely carry out my older kids allow me to post any pic of them…he surprisingly authorized one the end of the 30 I verified him.”

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