Marie Osmond may have grown up famous and wealthy, yet she to know the true worth of money and also wants come ensure her kids do too. The mother of seven is an extremely strict about what she"s walking to leaving behind for her kids, nevertheless of what anyone rather thinks.

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As the just daughter in a celebrity family members of nine, Osmond knows exactly what it"s like to grow up in the public eye with every little thing at her fingertips. The singer and also TV personality simply wants to ensure her children value money a little much better than perhaps she did. If that way not share her massive fortune, so be it.

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Osmond revealed during a chat on The Talk that she seven youngsters shouldn"t expect a huge windfall as soon as she overcome on. "I"m not leaving any kind of money to mine children," the TV host stated simply, adding, "Congratulations, kids," and throwing a cheeky laugh to the camera. As the proud Utah indigenous sees it, setting her children up because that life would certainly be doing lock a massive disservice because, by doing so, she said, "You take far the one most important gift you can provide your children, and that"s the ability to work."

The Donny & Marie star plans to donate she fortune come charity, as she sees an innate danger with handing it over to she children. "You check out it a lot in rich families, whereby the kids, they simply don"t know what to do and so they gain in trouble," the singer and also host explained. Co-host Sheryl Underwood disagreed through Osmond"s stance, suggesting kids who prosper up through money find out to value it early on. Osmond is worth approximately $20 million, so it"s quite a an extensive amount that will certainly inevitably go to worthy causes.

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Osmond had eight youngsters total — one organic son, Stephen, through husband Stephen Craig, who she remarried in 2011 after first marrying and divorcing him in her 20s; a biological son and also daughter with 2nd husband Brian Blosil; and also five adopted children. Her son Michael tragically took his very own life in 2010.

The Talk co-host believes whatever happens for a reason, telling People emphatically, "Nothing is an accident." after struggling together a single mother, complying with the bear of her son and initial dissolved of her relationship with Craig, Osmond learned the true worth of hard work upon realizing she had actually to get earlier into showbiz in order to feed she baby and also herself.

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It take it hand-sewing sequins ~ above potential phase looks indigenous the minimal Express yet soon Osmond was riding high on the nation music charts and also enjoying a job renaissance. Her present with brother Donny, Donny & Marie, wrapped because that the last time in ras Vegas after ~ 11 years in autumn 2019, ensuring nobody to be in any type of doubt of she star power.