Besides being among Hollywood’s most iconic stars, Judy Garland spent lot of she life gift the proud mom to her three kids. Although that been more than 50 years since the top singer and also actress passed away after by chance overdosing top top prescription medicine in June 1969, the so late icon’s tradition is being brought on through her incredible children.

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As fans of the Wizard of Oz actress know, Judy to be the loving mommy of Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft and Joey Luft. Judy welcomed her first child, Liza, together her second husband and also late director, Vincente Minnelli, on march 12, 1946. Sadly, the couple — that met top top the collection of 1944’s Meet Me in St. Louis and also tied the knot in 1945 — called it quits in 1951 after just six years of marriage.

Judy relocated on native her marital relationship with Vincente when she met businessman Sidney Luft. The two finished up obtaining married in 1952. Judy and her 3rd husband later on welcomed their first child together, daughter Lorna, on November 21 that exact same year. After 3 years had passed, the longtime pair added another baby right into their brood as soon as son Joey landed on March 29, 1955.


Get to recognize Judy Garland"s third Husband Sid Luft

While that felt prefer forever due to the fact that Judy critical graced our TV screens, Liza, Lorna and also Joey have kept their mom’s incredible heritage alive through stories and memories. When chatting through Closer in February 2017, the A Star Is Born actress’ son gushed about what a good mom she was.

“She always tried to it is in there because that us, providing us support and also lots that love,” that sweetly common at the time. “There space so many interviews where she was asked, ‘Why perform you work so hard?’ and also she’d constantly say, ‘It’s because that my children."”

Judy Garland"s change from Misfit to Hollywood Icon

Even the late actress’ eldest daughter, Liza, gained candid around life through the lover beauty. “ the soil of dreams,” the “Maybe This Time” singer said Closer. “She was really amazing. And she loved every one of us a lot.”

Even despite Judy is no much longer around, us bet she can not be much more proud looking down on her kiddos indigenous heaven.

Scroll with the gallery listed below to learn all about the so late icon’s 3 children!

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Liza Minnelli

After cultivation up in the spotlight together Judy’s oldest child, Liza adhered to in she mom’s footsteps and pursued a Hollywood career. In 1949, she made she film debut at just 14 month old in the movie In the an excellent Old Summertime. She later showed up in 1972’s Cabaret and 1977’s New York, new York.

Besides her impressive acting chops, the Liza with a Z star — who is among the couple of stars to attain EGOT status — ended up being well-known in Hollywood for she powerful, mezzo-soprano to sing voice.

While Liza excelled in her career, the “Mein Herr” singer wasn’t together lucky when it concerned finding true love. Although she has actually no children, Liza was previously married four times: Peter Allen, Jack Haley Jr., Mark Gero and David Gest.

Liza gushed around her solid bond through her late mother throughout an interview with Closer in 2017. “For the rest of my life, I will be proud to it is in Judy Garland’s daughter,” she said.

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Lorna Luft

Like her large half-sister, Liza, Lorna chased the Hollywood dream and pursued an exhilaration career. In fact, she made her showbiz debut at age 11 singing “Santa Claus Is coming to Town” in 1963 throughout her mom’s CBS television series, The Judy Garland Show.

She likewise made her Broadway debut after being referred to as in as a instead of in 1971’s Promises, Promises. The Grease 2 actress then released her first-ever CD in the U.K., title Lorna Luft: song My mother Taught Me, in 2007.

During she younger Hollywood years, Lorna tied the knot through her an initial husband, Jake Hooker, in 1977. Shortly after getting married, the pair welcomed their two kids, son Jesse Hooker in 1984, and daughter Vanessa Hooker in 1990.

Sadly, Lorna dubbed it quits through her an initial hubby in 1993. However, she discovered love through her second and existing husband, Colin Freeman. The two obtained married in 1996 and also have to be living a life of wedded bliss ever before since.

Lorna gushed about having Judy as mom during a chat with Closer. “To my mom, taking treatment of her was part of love her. Dad would miss us, but he would certainly be OK,” she said. “My mother, ~ above the various other hand, couldn’t acquire along without us.”


Joey Luft

Unlike his older sister, Lorna, and also half-sister, Liza, not lot is known about Joey’s Hollywood career. Follow to IMDb, Joey did appear in a couple of TV shows and films end the years, however without yes, really flexing any kind of acting muscles.

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He also appeared countless times on his mom’s talk show, and on 60 Minutes and Great PerformancesAlthough Joey was only 14 at the moment of his mom’s regrettably passing, he opened up to Closer about comes to terms through his mom’s addiction.

“There to be times when my mommy wasn’t exhilaration right, so I’d ask mine dad, , ‘Is she sick?’ and also he described it every to me,” Joey recalled. “It to be exceptionally tough to address as a kid. I was powerless. She to be a great person, yet she had actually that addiction.”