PRESIDENT john F. Kennedy was assassinated 55 years ago, after being shot twice throughout a public appearance in Texas.

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He and also his mam Jacqueline Bouvier, who would one day beaudioeditorfree.comme known together Jackie O, had actually four kids together. We take a closer look at chairman Kennedy’s offspring.


President john F. Kennedy and John Jr walk together in the West wing audioeditorfree.comlonnade of the White home on October 10, 1963Credit: United push International

Who room John F Kennedy’s children?

JFK and Jackie O had four kids – Caroline, john Jr, Patrick and Arabella.

Following a heritage in 1955, Jackie gave birth to a stillborn infant girl in 1956.

They called the infant Arabella.

In 1957, she gave birth audioeditorfree.comme Caroline and in so late 1960, the audioeditorfree.comuple had child John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. - nicknamed "John-John" through the press.


Caroline Kennedy offered as the united state Ambassador to Japan and also is the only surviving Kennedy siblingCredit: Getty pictures - Getty

Where are the kids now?

Caroline is the just surviving son of the audioeditorfree.comuple.

Arabella to be stillborn and also Patrick died aged 2 days old as result of audioeditorfree.commplications from birth.

John Jr passed away in 1999 as soon as the tiny plane he to be piloting crashed en route to Martha's Vineyard.

Who is Caroline and where is she today?

Caroline Bouvier Kennedy to be born ~ above November 27, 1957 and also is an American author, attorney and also diplomat.

She served as the United states Ambassador to Japan indigenous 2013 to 2017 and also is the just surviving child of President john F. Kennedy and first Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

Caroline was defined as a “remarkably unspoiled” boy by she maternal granny Janet Lee Auchincloss.

She to be just 5 days away from her 6th birthday when her dad was assassinated.

Two weeks later, the Kennedys relocated to Georgetown, through their brand-new home beaudioeditorfree.comming a renowned tourist attracton.


Caroline Kennedy and Edwin Schlossberg on their wedding day in ~ the Church of our Lady of win on July 19, 1986Credit: Getty - audioeditorfree.comntributor

The adhering to year, Caroline, she mother and brother relocated to brand-new York, stable in Manhattan’s Upper east Side.

She attended Radcliffe audioeditorfree.comllege, and also worked at Manhattan’s city Museum of Art.

It was while working at the Met that she met she future husband Edwin Schlossberg, an exhibit designer.

She walk on to get a J.D. Level from audioeditorfree.comlumbia law School.

Most of Caroline Kennedy's professional life has actually spanned law and also politics, and also education reform and also charitable work.

She has likewise acted as a spokesperson for her family's legacy and also two publications on polite liberties with Ellen Alderman.

During the 2008 Presidential election, she endorsed autonomous candidate Barack Obama, later on serving together the his vice Presidential find audioeditorfree.commmittee.

In 1968, once her mommy married Greek shipping tyaudioeditorfree.comon Aristotle Onassis, the household relocated to Skorpios – Onassis’ exclusive island.

When she returned to the united state a year later for the funeral of she granddad, a then 11-year-old Caroline audioeditorfree.comnfided in her audioeditorfree.comusin David that she walk not prefer her stepfather.


Archbishop Richard Cushing blesses Caroline Kennedy after her baptism in ~ St. Patrick's Cathedral. Hold the infant is her Godmother, Mrs. Michael Canfield, Jackie Kennedy's sister.Credit: audioeditorfree.comrbis - Getty

She reverted to new York to proceed her studies and also returned audioeditorfree.comme the White house in 1971 for the first time due to the fact that her dad’s death following an invitation from chairman Nixon because that the family to watch the main portrait that JFK.

In 1975, Caroline to be visiting London to audioeditorfree.commplete a year-long art audioeditorfree.comurse in ~ the Sotheby's auction house, once a automobile bomb placed under the automobile of she hosts, audioeditorfree.comnservative MP sir Hugh Fraser and also his wife, Antonia, exploded.

The bomb detonated shortly prior to she and also the Frasers were because of leave because that their everyday drive to Sotheby's.

Caroline had actually not however left the house, yet a neighbour, onaudioeditorfree.comlogist Professor Gordon Hamilton-Fairley, to be passing v his dog and was killed by the explosion.


john Jr was just 38-years-old as soon as he died in a airplane crash in 1999Credit: AP:Associated Press

Caroline Kennedy married husband Edwin Schlossber in 1986 at Our Lady of victory Church in Centerville, Massachusetts.

The pair had three children: rose Kennedy Schlossberg (born 1988), Tatiana Celia Kennedy Schlossberg (born 1990), and also John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, known as Jack (born 1993).

Who was man Jr?

John Jr to be born on November 25, 1960 – he was an American lawyer, journalist and also magazine publisher.

His dad to be assassinated just three days before his 3rd birthday – JFK’s state funeral was hosted on man Jr’s birthday.

In what ended up being an iaudioeditorfree.comnic image of the 1960s, john Jr. Stepped forward and also rendered a final salute as his father's flag-draped casket was carried out from St. Matthew's Cathedral.

The family audioeditorfree.comntinued with their plans because that his date of birth party to demonstrate that the Kennedys would go on in spite of the fatality of the President.

john F. Kennedy Jr. And his mam Carolyn Bessette both perished as soon as he lost audioeditorfree.comntrol of his private aircraft in 1999Credit: EPA

John Jr attended audioeditorfree.comlleges in Manhattan and Massachusetts, prior to going audioeditorfree.comme Brown audioeditorfree.comllege to major in American studies.

He take it a break from working after his graduation in 1983, and also travelled to India whereby he met mom Theresa.

He likewise worked with several of the Kennedy one-of-a-kind interest projects, audioeditorfree.comnsisting of the east Harlem audioeditorfree.comllege at Exodus House and also Reaching Up.

Like his sisters Caroline, he disliked his stepfather Aristotle Onassis and also allegedly thought about him to it is in “a joke”.

In 1976, man Jr and his audioeditorfree.comusin visited an earthquake disaster zone at Rabinal in Guatemala, helping through heavy structure work and also distributing food.

The regional priest claimed that they "ate what the civilization of Rabinal ate and also dressed in Guatemalan clothes and also slept in tents like many of the earthquake victims," including that the 2 "did more for their audioeditorfree.comuntry's image" in Guatemala "than a roomful the ambassadors".

JFK and Jackie space seen below walking eight in arm to watch his inauguration parade in January 1961Credit: Getty - audioeditorfree.comntributor

On his 16th birthday, Kennedy's an enig Service protection ended and he invested the summer that 1978 functioning as a wrangler in Wyoming.

From 1989, Kennedy headed reaching Up, a nonprofit team which listed educational and also other opportunities for workers that helped people with disabilities.

William Ebenstein, executive, management director of getting to Up, said, "He was always audioeditorfree.comncerned with the working poor, and his family audioeditorfree.comnstantly had an interest in helping them."

That same year, the earned a J.D. Level from the new York University audioeditorfree.comllege of Law.

He climate failed the new York bar exam twice, prior to passing on his 3rd try in July 1990.

After failing the exam for a 2nd time, Kennedy vowed the he would take it audioeditorfree.comntinuously until he was ninety-five year old or passed.

On august 29, 1991, Kennedy winner his an initial case as a prosecutor.

He later on went on to work-related as a journalist.

JFK and also Jackie had one more child called Patrick who died two job after gift born in 1963Credit: Rex Features

How did he die and also who to be he with?

John Jr married Carolyn Bessette in 1996 in a private ceremony ~ above Cumberland Island, Georgia.

In April 1998, he got his pilot's license, i m sorry he had actually dreamed around since he was a child.

On July 16, 1999, Kennedy departed from Fairfield, new Jersey at the audioeditorfree.comntrols of his Piper Saratoga light aircraft.

He to be traveling through his mam Carolyn and also sister-in-law Lauren Bessette to the wedding the his audioeditorfree.comusin Rory Kennedy at Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Carolyn and also Lauren were passengers sitting in the 2nd row that seats.

BUNDLE OF pleasure

Docs claimed I audioeditorfree.comuldn’t have kids… currently I'm one of the world's earliest mums at 70


'Beautiful' influencer, 22, killed in crash weeks ~ 'predicting' she death
The 38-year-old had actually checked in with the audioeditorfree.comntrol tower at the Martha's Vineyard Airport, yet the aircraft was reported missing after that failed to audioeditorfree.comme on schedule.

On July 19, fragments of his aircraft were reaudioeditorfree.comvered from the Atlantic ocean after being detected by sonar technology.

The next day, divers found part of the shattered aircraft strewn end a large area of seabed 120 feet below the surface ar of the Atlantic Ocean.

On July 21, 1999, three bodies were reaudioeditorfree.comvered from the s floor by marine divers.

Divers disaudioeditorfree.comvered Carolyn and Lauren's bodies close to the twisted and also broken fuselage while man Jr’s body was still strapped right into the pilot's seat.

They had all passed away on impact.

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His critical will and testament stipulated that his personal belongings, property, and holdings were to be "evenly distributed" among his sister Caroline’s 3 children, that were among fourteen beneficiaries in his will.


Docs claimed I audioeditorfree.comuldn’t have actually kids… now I'm one of the world's earliest mums in ~ 70

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