follow to his brother, Frank, teenaged guerrilla Jesse James killed major Johnston. (Library the Congress)

Jesse James Facts

Information around the previous Confederate soldier and also famous outlaw native the Wild West

Born:September 5, 1847

Died:April 3, 1882

Spouse:Zerelda Mimms


Jesse James summary: Jesse Woodson James to be born into a hardworking family. His parents resided in Clay County, Missouri, where Jesse and his two full siblings were born. Robert James, Jesse’s father, was a effective farmer who eventually helped discovered William Jewell College situated in Liberty, Missouri. Once Jesse was 3 years old, his father passed away in California, preaching come those looking for gold. Jesse’s mother remarried.

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During the Civil War, Jesse and also his household were dedicated Confederates. As soon as he was 16, his brother, Frank James, had currently joined the Confederate Army. As his brother’s agency lodged in Clay County, Missouri, Jesse take it the opportunity to enlist in Taylor’s company.

In 1864, Jesse and Frank joined Bloody invoice Anderson, the leader that a group of bushwhackers. They had actually a call of cruel and brutal therapy of Union soldiers, and Jesse was identified as one of the members that took component in the Centralia Massacre that left 22 unarmed Union soldiers dead or injured. As punishment, all household members of Jesse and also Frank James had actually to leaving Clay County.

Jesse later married his an initial cousin, Zerelda Mimms, that was called after Jesse’s very own mother. They had two youngsters together, Jesse E. James and Mary James Barr.

After the Civil war ended, Jesse and also Frank made your living robbing stagecoaches, banks and also trains. Top top April 3, 1882, Jesse was shot to death be a member of his very own gang. The entice of collecting price money was much stronger than any kind of loyalty he had actually to Jesse James, the appears. Part moviemakers have romanticized Jesse James as taking from the wealthy and also sharing through the poor. This is fiction.

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