Hugh Hefner is best known together the founder of Playboy, the adult entertainment company that sparked a revolution. Well right into his eighties, Hefner was fostering a way of life that, because that many, seemed favor the epitome of luxury and also decadence.

Still, over there was one more side to Hefner. Very few of his fans realize how deeply patriotic Hefner was, and the how amazing career that he had before he turn his fist to starting Playboy.

Recently, his son, Cooper Hefner, announced the he would be proceeding his father’s heritage — although no in the way that countless fans can have expected. Keep analysis to learn exactly how Hugh Hefner was involved in the military, just how many children he has, and how his boy will be following in his footsteps.

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Hugh Hefner offered in the Army


Hugh Hefner | man Heller/WireImage

Hugh Hefner was born in 1926, into a solid, middle-class family. His mother operated as a teacher and also his father together an accountant.

Following his graduation indigenous high school, Hefner chose to sign up with the military as an infantry salesperson in 1944. For numerous years, Hefner wore assorted hats in the Army, eventually becoming a writer and contributing cartoons to military newspapers. 

In 1946, Hefner to be released native the Army, however clearly, what the learned if in service made a substantial impression on him. He chose to proceed his quest of journalism and publishing.

In 1953, he launched Playboy magazine. The very first issue featured a young Marilyn Monroe and sold hundreds of copies. Playboy magazine and Playboy Enterprises came to be a global phenomenon and also Hefner to be the king of it all.

Hefner popularized the image of a bon vivant, in silk cigarette smoking jackets and cigars, through a bevy of beautiful women bordering him. In his later on years, Hefner moved into the Playboy mansion and was further immortalized in TV mirrors such as The Girls following Door, featuring his many girlfriends. Hefner died in 2017 in ~ the age of 91.

How many kids did Hugh Hefner have?

2013 – Hef and Christie Hefner in ~ the Playboy mansion top top Christmas Day.#ScrapbookSaturday

— Hugh M. Hefner (
hughhefner) December 21, 2019

Hefner was married three times in total and also had a succession of girlfriends and partners.

Hefner’s an initial wife was Mildred Williams. Lock tied the node in 1949 and also had two kids together: Christie Hefner, born in 1952, and also David Hefner, born in 1955. Christie operated as component of Playboy Enterprises because that years, until ultimately stepping away to seek her very own interests. David, on the other hand, had no noticeable interest in being a part of his father’s firm and has actually spent his life out of the spotlight. Hefner and Williams finished up divorcing in 1959.

Hugh Hefner acquired married again in 1989 come “Playmate that the Year 1989” Kimberley Conrad. In 1990, the pair welcomed a son called Marston Hefner, and also in 1991, castle had an additional son called Cooper Hefner.

Out of every one of Hefner’s children, Cooper is the one who has end up being the many invested in Playboy Enterprises. In 2012, the elder Hefner handed over manage of his company to his son, return Cooper has since announced plan to begin his own adult to chat business. Hefner and Conrad divorced in 2010.

Hefner’s final marriage, to decision Harris, did no produce any children.

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What is Cooper Hefner’s recent career move?

"Hugh Hefner's son,
cooperhefner, is forging his very own path … and it's acquisition him overseas to train v the wait Force."
Playboy #usairforce #HughHefner #ditchingthedynasty #Playboyplus

— CAM4 male (
cam4_gay) December 18, 2019

In December 2019, Cooper’s wife, Scarlett Byrne, announced that her husband had chose to sign up with the waiting Force. She revealed the she is “incredibly proud” that Cooper, and there’s tiny doubt the his father would be as well. Return Hugh Hefner made his best impression top top pop society as the purveyor that Playboy, he also helped to serve his country, something the obviously make an impact on his youngest son.