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Katherine Williams-Dunning, daughter of singer Hank Williams Jr. And audioeditorfree.comso granddaughter that audioeditorfree.comabama-born country legend Hank Williams, was eliminated in a auto crash top top Saturday night, June 14, 2020. She to be 27. This 2016 picture is from she Instagram.

Katherine Williams-Dunning, daughter of singer Hank Williams Jr. And audioeditorfree.comso granddaughter of audioeditorfree.comabama-born country music legend Hank Williams, was eliminated in a auto crash in Tennessee on Saturday night. She to be 27.

Williams-Dunning, dubbed “Katie” by family, was driving a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe and audioeditorfree.comso towing a watercraft at about 7:45 p.m. On Highway 79 near Paris, Tenn., west that Kentucky Lake and about 110 miles west the Nashville, when the vehicle crossed the median, rolled over, and came come a avoid on the shoulder, follow to WKRN. She died at the scene.

Her husband, Tyler Dunning, 29, was in the vehicle. He was airlifted come Vanderbilt University medicaudioeditorfree.com Center and audioeditorfree.comso was awake and responding, according to a society media article by Katherine’s sister, singer Holly Williams, who was born in Cullman.

Williams-Dunning to be Hank Jr.’s daughter through his third wife, mary Jane Thomas, follow to CMT. They have been married because 1990. Hank Jr. Has five children, including from previous maritaudioeditorfree.com relationships to Becky White and Gwen Yeargain. Sam Williams, the youngest of the five children, pursued a music career. Unlike she siblings, Katherine never pursued a singing career.

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Hank Jr., who has lived in audioeditorfree.comabama at times, complied with his famous father into country music stardom, often performing his father’s songs, but steered his own course and audioeditorfree.comso is best known for hit songs including “A nation Boy have the right to Survive,” “Family Tradition,” and “audioeditorfree.coml mine Rowdy Friends space Coming end Tonight,” which came to be the theme track to open up NFL broadcasts for Monday Night Footbaudioeditorfree.coml. Hank Jr. Performed in ~ Oak hill Amphitheater in Pelham ~ above Oct. 25, 2018, as part of the Lynyrd Skynyrd bye Tour. He play June 14, 2019, at the Tuscaudioeditorfree.comoosa Amphitheater.

I have no words. On Friday morning i taudioeditorfree.comked the family members into taking this snapshot and had no idea it would be our last in addition to my precious smaudioeditorfree.coml sister Katie. We audioeditorfree.coml checked out my great aunts funeraudioeditorfree.com top top Thursday whom us audioeditorfree.coml loved dearly, and audioeditorfree.comso now are chaudioeditorfree.comlenged with one more one. Every we need is prayers. Mine daddy. My smaudioeditorfree.coml brother. Katie’s husband (he is awake and responding don’t recognize injury extent yet). Mine niece and nephew. She Mama. The Dunning family. audioeditorfree.coml of us. So. Many. Prayers. Jesus is close. Give thanks to you every