LISA MARIE PRESLEY is the only daughter of Priscilla and Elvis. Yet did Elvis have a son? just how many children did he have?


Elvis Presley - walk he have actually a son? (Image: Getty)


Elvis and Priscilla with their daughter Lisa Marie (Image: Getty)

Did Elvis Presley have a son?

There have been a variety of unproven insurance claims from people who have argued they room illegitimate children of Elvis, however, Lisa Marie is the only child called in Elvis’ will after his death.

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One such case audioeditorfree.commes from Elvis Presley Jr, a performer indigenous the USA, who has asserted he is the son of Elvis.

However, various other than Jr"s claim, there is no DNA test result to show if the is the fifty percent brother of Lisa Marie, who remains the only official child of Elvis.


Benjamin Keough, Elvis" grandson (Image: Getty)


On Elvis Presley Jr"s website, the is claimed: “He is the kid of the late Elvis Presley born out-of-wedlock, unbeknownst to Elvis, on December 24, 1961 in Gary, Indiana the result of a liaison between Elvis Presley and Angelique Delores Pettyjohn, a young actress that was one extra in the movie "Blue Hawaii"…

"Elvis" manager, audioeditorfree.comlonel Tom Parker, feared the a marital relationship to Angelique, and his imminent fatherhood, would seriously damage the King"s call thereby destroying his wealth and fame.

“Great push was exerted ~ above the actress to have an abortion.

"While Angelique to be unwilling to abort the baby, she go agree to supply the baby in mystery thereby saving Elvis the shame and publicity of a Hollywood scandal.”


Priscilla and her kid Navarone (Image: Getty)


The singer, originally named Phillip Stanic, claims he was adopted by a circus family, as audioeditorfree.comlonel Tom Parker had additionally been, and began performing as a clown from as young as five-years-old.

Elvis Presley Jr’s biography on his website audioeditorfree.comntinues: “After enough documents, sworn testimonies, and extr evidence gift by independent 3rd parties were presented audioeditorfree.comme a judge and also after proof having actually been made audioeditorfree.comme the satisfaction of the audioeditorfree.comurt ‘that an alert of hear thereon was given in the path and type required by law and no objections having been filed by any person, Phillip Stanic by the decision the the U.S. audioeditorfree.commmonwealth audioeditorfree.comurt’, was reaudioeditorfree.comgnised as Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr.”

Details of the proof which is claimed to have actually been presented are not clear, however, Presley Jr has actually used the name due to the fact that 1985 and also has to be a singer and Elvis impersonator ever before since.

Other 보다 Lisa Marie she mother, Priscilla, had actually a son called Navarone Garibaldi, who was born on in march 1, 1987 to her and her then-partner, Garibaldi.

The pair was with each other from 1984 audioeditorfree.comme 2006, meaning they lived together for 22 years.

Sometimes the is puzzled for Elvis’ son, but as mentioned, there has not been any fully proven instances the Elvis having any type of other kids than Lisa Marie.

His grandson, Lisa Marie’s child Benjamin Keough, however, thrived up audioeditorfree.comme bear a canny resemblance to his grandfather, sparking part to think Benjamin was actually the spawn of Elvis himself.

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However, it seems the same skips a generation, as he was the son of Lisa Marie and her first husband, Danny Keough.