Eddie Fisher, whose vast fame together a popular music singer to be overshadowed through scandals ending his marriages to Debbie Reynolds and also Elizabeth Taylor, has actually died. He to be 82.

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Eddie Fisher, whose huge fame as a pop singer to be overshadowed by scandals ending his marriages to Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor, has died. He was 82.

His daughter, Tricia Leigh Fisher, called the connected Press that Fisher passed away Wednesday night of symptom from hip surgery at a hospital in Berkeley.

Fisher ended up being a hit with teenage girls in the 1950s, offering million that records. His 32 struggle songs consisted of “Thinking that You,” “Any Time,” “Oh, my Pa-pa,” “I’m Yours,” “Wish You were Here,” “Lady the Spain” and “Count your Blessings.”

But Fisher might be better remembered because that the scandals in his an individual life. That married Reynolds in 1955 and also they had actually two children, consisting of actress Carrie Fisher. In 1958, Eddie Fisher’s finest friend, producer Mike Todd, who was married to Elizabeth Taylor, was killed in a aircraft crash. Fisher developed headlines when he left Reynolds come marry Taylor, who subsequently divorced Fisher 5 years later on to get married Richard Burton.

He later on married and divorced actress Connie Stevens and went on to marry two more times.

His career never ever recovered from the notoriety in his love life.

The news that Fisher’s fatality was an initial reported by Deadline.com.

The associated Press contributed to this report.

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