CAITLYN Jenner might be part of among the world's most famous families - but it's tough to keep up through the ever broadening clan.

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To make matters worse the I'm A Celebrity star puzzled fans when she asserted to have 20 grandchildren - yet how many does she really? Here's a audioeditorfree.commplete malfunction of the zener clan...


Caitlyn Jenner has actually a huge family - seen right here with her an initial two wives and also their offspringCredit: Getty - audioeditorfree.comntributor

Who are Caitlyn Jenner's children?

Caitlyn has actually quite a brood many thanks to her 3 marriages.

Her six youngsters are:

Burt jenner (41) - mom Chrystie Crownover

Burt, also known together Burton Jenner, is the oldest son of Caitlyn.

The 41-year-old to be born in Los Angeles, California, USA on September 6, 1978.

He is thought to be called after his so late uncle, who was eliminated in a auto accident simply a few days before his birth.

Unlike his well known siblings, he tends to shun the limelight.


Burt jenner is the eldest child of CaitlynCredit: Splash News

Cassandra (39) - mommy Chrystie Crownover

Cassandra was born ~ above June 10, 1980 and also is also known as Casey.

She was brought up v Burt and spent much of she time in LA together a child.

However, tiny is known around the 39-year-old’s experienced life, as she keeps lot of her exclusive life far from the public.


Cassandra Marino is the eldest daughter of CaitlynCredit: Facebook

Brandon (38) - mom Linda Thompson

Brandon to be born in Los Angeles top top June 4, 1981, but grew increase in Malibu.

He was an initial launched to fame as soon as he appeared on the brief lived reality present The Princes that Malibu ago in 2005.

Brandon is likewise a singer and had a re-occurring role on maintaining Up v The Kardashians.


Brandon zener is likewise a reality starCredit: Getty - audioeditorfree.comntributor

Brody (36) - mommy Linda

Brody was born Sam Brody zener on respectable 21, 1983 and the 36-year-old is one American reality star, socialite, and model.

He is finest known because that starring in The Hills.

Like his brothers Brandon, he has likewise starred on maintaining Up v The Kardashians.


Brody zener is known for starring on The HillsCredit: Getty photos - Getty

Kendall (24) - mother Kris Jenner

First showing up on keeping Up v The Kardashians at the tender period of 12, Kendall works as an worldwide acclaimed model.

She frequently shows up alongside Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne in her advertising campaigns as audioeditorfree.commponent of a "new generation of supermodels".

Kendall jenner is a people famous supermodelCredit: Getty - audioeditorfree.comntributor

Kylie (22) - mommy Kris Jenner

Kylie is Caitlyn's youngest son but also the most successful.

Starting the end on her family's truth show, she climate turned into a businesswoman.

Kylie is now a billionaire many thanks to her Lip Kit empire.

Kylie jenner is Caityn's youngest daughterCredit: PA:Press Association

Caitlyn additionally has the following stepchildren native her marriage to Kris Jenner:
Caitlyn - seen right here when she to be Bruce in 1993 - v her children (accept Kendall and Kylie) and step children, as well as very first wife Kris JennerCredit: Getty - audioeditorfree.comntributor

Who space Caitlyn Jenner's grandchildren?

Whilst chatting about her family members on I'm A Celebrity in November 2019 Caitlyn asserted to have TWENTY grandchildren.

But after ~ doing the maths, we have resolved this isn't the case.

She has 16 grandkids and two much more on the means - let's rest it under for you:

Burt Jenner's youngsters - wilhelm Behr and also Bodhi.Cassandra Marino youngsters - Francesca, Isabella, and Luke.Brandon Jenner kids - Eva add to Brandon has twins on the way.Kylie Jenner children - StormiKourtney Kardashian kids - Mason, Penelope, Reign.Kim Kardashian youngsters - North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.Khloe Kardashian kids - True.Rob Kardashian children - Dream.

So in total Caitlyn will have 18 grandchildren after son Brandon has his twins.


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Who has Caitlyn jenner been married to?

Caitlyn has been married 3 times during her life.

But the is her third marriage audioeditorfree.comme Kris jenner that has actually made her a household name.

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All her marital relationships took place before she transitioned native Bruce audioeditorfree.comme Caitlyn.

First marriage - Chrystie Crownover (1972 audioeditorfree.comme 1981)Seaudioeditorfree.comnd marital relationship - Linda Thompson (1981 to 1986)


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