This is a one stop ar to uncover news and stories around the best singer the all-time, bing Crosby. From his days v Paul Whiteman come his final performances in 1977, we will examine this amazing entertainer"s life and times!

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Q: I understand that Kathryn grant married ice cream Crosby and had three children. When he passed away he made her a ward that the court, and she was really angry around it and fought the in court. Walk she ever before overturn that and get any of his money? I"m really curious about this. - N.F., expect Mills
A: much of this is incorrect. You may be mixing up some elements of the complicated Crosby family story - or probably you"re reasoning of someone rather entirely?

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It"s true the Kathryn approve married ice cream Crosby, in 1957, and also they had three children. But if she to be unhappy with her financial case after the 1977 death of the affluent entertainer, she didn"t speak so and also she never battled the heritage in court - at least, no that was extensively reported. No a minor nor incapacitated, she likewise wasn"t do a ward of the court. Indeed, Kathryn Crosby, now 79, constantly has painted rosy pictures of her life v Bing, including in two memoirs written adhering to his death. She explained him together a good husband and father. She was Crosby"s 2nd wife. His very first wife, entertainment artist Dixie Lee, passed away of cancer in 1952. Lee and also Bing crosby were married 22 years and also had 4 sons. Some of those children later claimed their father had been a cold, harsh, remote father. In a memoir, eldest child Gary Crosby said Bing beat and also verbally abused him and also his brothers and that the cheated on their mother. Two of his brothers agreed however the fourth, Phillip, said Bing had been "a good father" and that Gary"s insurance claims were overblown.Bing crossby did leave an estate replete with strings - consisting of one that said anyone who questioned the will certainly was automatically disinherited. Many of the will"s provisions to be private yet were revealed later on on. Because that example, the 4 sons from his very first marriage were barred from receiving their inheritance until they reached period 65. Just one made that - Phillip, who died of a heart strike at age 69. Gary passed away of lung cancer at period 62. Lindsay Crosby and also Dennis crosby both cursed suicide. Lindsay passed away in 1989 in ~ the age of 51. Dennis died in 1991 in ~ the age of 56. The three youngsters from ice cream Crosby"s marriage to Kathryn are all lively - Harry, 54, Mary, 53, and Nathaniel, 51. They have all reportedly described their father as loving and kind. In 2010, the legacy of ice Crosby"s an initial wife combated for a re-superstructure of the earnings of Bing"s estate, based upon changes in the law.