Spanning several generations, the Kennedy family, and those who have married right into the American dynasty, have enjoyed great financial success.

Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Sr and his wife rose Kennedy (both much right) through eight of their nine kids (L to R) Edward, Jeanne, Robert, Patricia, Eunice, Kathleen, Rosemary, and John in 1937. Getty Images
The Kennedy household remains one of the many storied political dynasties in us history.

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Descending indigenous humble irish roots in Co Wexford, the Kennedy family -and those who have actually married right into it - has gone on come enjoy great success both politically and also financially in the US.

Forbes report that together of 2015, the Kennedy family, bookkeeping for part 30 individuals, to be valued in ~ $1.2 billion. (For comparison, in 2018, the Walton household behind the American department save Wal-Mart, to be valued at $152 billion making castle the richest family in America.)

In 2017, The International service Times reported that the Kennedy family’s “lasting riches is attributed come the fact that Joseph P. Kennedy, that made his luck in insider trading, tucked the money right into dozens of trusts. Those trusts are managed by Joseph P. Kennedy Enterprises, the investment firm top by kris Kennedy.”

Presently, the Kennedy family members with the highest net worth that is still alive is considered to it is in Caroline Kennedy, through a staggering estimated net precious of $250 million.

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Below, TheRichest has compiled a perform of Kennedy family members members that they believe to have the highest possible net worths.

Jean Kennedy Smith

Estimated network worth: $100,000-$1 million





Ted Kennedy, pictured below in 2006 (Getty Images)

The so late Massachusetts senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy is frequently fondly remembered as the "lion" that the Senate. He to be the brothers to both President man F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy, who were both assassinated in the 1960s.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Estimated net worth: $50 million

Jackie Kennedy (Getty Images)

Jackie Kennedy to be the widow the President john F. Kennedy and also mother come the couple"s three children. She later remarried come Aristotle Onassis, really wealthy Greek shipping magnate.

President john F. Kennedy

Estimated network worth: $100 million

President john F. Kennedy (Getty Images)

President john F. Kennedy was the very first person of irish Catholic lower to end up being president of the unified States, and the first US chairman to visit Ireland while in office. He to be famously assassinated in November 1963 in Dallas, Texas throughout his very first presidential term.

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Maria Shriver

Estimated net worth: $100 million

Maria Shriver (Getty Images)

The daughter the Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Maria Shriver is at this time a special Anchor v NBC News and founder of the Women"s Alzheimer"s Movement.

John F. Kennedy, Jr

Estimated network worth: $100 million

John F. Kennedy, Jr pictured here in 1998 (Getty Images)

John F. Kennedy, Jr, the child of the late President john F. Kennedy, to be a lawyer and founder that the newspaper "George" before his tragic death in 1999.

Caroline Kennedy

Estimated net worth: $250 million

Caroline Kennedy, pictured right here in 2018 (Getty Images)

Caroline Kennedy, eldest and also only surviving kid of President man F. Kennedy and also Jackie Kennedy, is a lawyer and author who offered as the us Ambassador come Japan in between 2013 and also 2017.

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Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr

Estimated net worth: $200 + million (not adjusted for inflation)

Joseph P. Kennedy, pictured here in 1940 (Getty Images)

The grandson of 4 Irish immigrants, Joseph Patrick Kennedy is considered the resource of the Kennedy family"s lasting fortunes. Beside from being a effective businessman and investor, Kennedy, Sr. Offered as the us Ambassador to good Britain between 1938 and also 1940. He and also his wife had nine children, consisting of President man F. Kennedy.

* initially published in June 2019. 

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