The Jesse rock 9 movie repertoire is based on a lengthy collection the crime novels. You deserve to enjoy the Jesse stone movies in bespeak to watch or chronological order.

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The so late American author, Robert B Parker, created and also debuted the police chief’s personality in the lover crime novel Night Passage.


The novel mystery series ends with Split Image that Parker completed before his fatality in 2010.

In the movies, Tom Selleck stars as Jesse stone a former minor organization baseball player who career was cut quick by a shoulder injury.

He later worked his way up come LAPD homicide detective, wherein he was asked come resign over a drinking difficulty that began after his divorce.


He then interviews and also becomes the police chef of the tiny town of paradise with large crime problems.

The Jesse stone movie series premiered v Stone Cold, a created TV movie the aired top top CBS in 2005.

CBS ongoing the films with Night Passage and also Death in paradise as well as the most of the rest of the series until 2012.

In 2015 Hallmark picked up the collection and included the final installment, Lost in Paradise, in 2015.

Jesse stone Movies in order By release Date

If you want to watch the Jesse rock movies in order of release dates, as part prefer, below is the perform of movies based upon when they to be released:

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Now you might think with just 9 movies the Jesse rock story it should conveniently follow in order of release. Not so fast, there is a little hitch in the story line.

Jesse stone Movies in Order come Watch

There is one little detail in that one of the movies is in reality a prequel. Personally, my straightforward mind prefers movies that are simple to watch in bespeak of release date without prequels.

But in this series, Jesse Stone: Night Passage is in reality a prequel to Stone Cold and also the first of the Jesse rock movies in order come watch.

Here are the Jesse stone movies in order come watch and the description of each:

Jesse Stone: Night passage (2006)

In the prequel Night Passage, Tom Selleck return in the function of tiny town police chief having actually been booted from the LAPD for drunkenness. 

Stone heads to Paradise, Massachusetts where he is appointed police chief through a corrupt local banker, Hastings Hathoway, that is president of the board of Selectmen.

Hathoway chooses rock because he think he will certainly be easy to control. Stone’s an initial assignment is to inspection the killing of his predecessor Lou Carson, played by Mike Starr, i beg your pardon may have mob ties.

Jesse Stone: rock Cold (2005)

In Stone Cold, ugly crimes in a little town call for rugged cops. Jess rock (Tom Selleck) is a thick skinned police chief with a an excellent heart, yet he is not the type of male to stay his emotions ~ above his sleeve.

Generally for Stone, as soon as the walk gets difficult the whiskey starts to flow. Not this time.

When a collection of unexplained murders start in Paradise, rock suspects a pair of peculiar artists with a fascination through violence. But, they room not the just ones under suspicion.

Stone becomes a bit perplexed over the sexual assault of a minor and wonders if over there is a link in between the assault and the murders.

Jesse Stone: fatality in heaven (2006)

The next Jesse stone movie in bespeak to clock is Death in Paradise. Jesse rock attempts to settle the killing of a teenage girl and a fatal result of domestic violence in the third cinematic mystery appearance that Robert B. Parker’s self-titled detective.

As if this weren’t enough for a tiny town department, rock learns that the body of a former straight-A student has been discovered floating in a regional lake and also the parental hadn’t even reported she missing.


With small to walk on, rock branches into the city to further his investigation where he has a brush through the Boston Mob.

At every turn stone is feels that is moving further and also further indigenous the truth. 

Stone’s determination easily turns come obsession as soon as he feels the is ultimately on track to fix the case.

Jesse Stone: Sea adjust (2007)

In Sea Change, together Police cook Jesse Stone’s relationship with his ex wife deteriorates further, he fears relapse right into alcoholism. 

Seeking counsel that is recommend to begin working top top cold instances to stay busy. He starts working on the unsolved murder of a local financial institution teller shot during a robbery.


In the meantime, claimed rape draws stone into conflict with the city council hope to preserve Paradise’s reputation as an ideal seaside resort.

Jesse Stone: Thin ice (2009)

Selleck return to the function of the troubled however uncompromising police chef of sky in Thin Ice. The story picks up with a pair the investigations and Stone’s connection with the city council coming to be perilous.

Stone is wounded during a murderous effort on the life that Captain Healy that the Massachusetts State Police and also puts his sights ~ above the would-be killer versus the advice of internal Affairs, Paradise town Council and Healy himself.

All-the-while, the chief’s alcohol problems and also breakup that his marriage. Not lessening Stone’s decision to plow the course of his own moral ethics, he takes top top his superior’s shady ethics, a would-be killer and feasible kidnapper.

Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010)

The following of the Jesse rock movies in stimulate is No Remorse. This proceeds the saga of the anguished and also relentless former police chef in the tiny town the Paradise.

Self-imposed seclusion complies with his suspension native the paradise Police Department, while a collection of mysterious murders that appear to it is in related happen in surrounding Boston.

The killings draw stone back right into the fold. Before you know it, rock is complying with a crooked route that leader to the city’s most infamous crime ceo Gino Fish.

Jesse Stone: Innocents shed (2011)

The saturday entry into the investigative mystery series is Innocents Lost and, return not based upon Parker’s novel series, might well it is in the most gripping in the movie collection.

After his involuntary retirement stone is confronted with a instance that access time close to home. Cindy valve Aldan was choose a daughter come Jesse Stone. Now she is dead.

All signs point to a suicidal overdose. But, rock knows his too ~ friend far better than that. 

Still without a permanent job, stone embarks ~ above the investigation and picks up a consulting gig through the State Police ~ above a robbery and murder suspect.

The arrogant new chief expects stone to give up his carry conceal permit however is informed that commonwealth law enables former regulation enforcement to maintain it.

Jesse Stone: advantage of the Doubt (2012)

Chief rock is ago on the project in Benefit of the Doubt after his previous replacement is eliminated by a suspicious vehicle explosion. Additionally killed in the explosion is an officer newly fired through Jesse.


Due to releasing the vault Chief’s staff, Chief stone is compelled to depend on his own intuition to peal back the class of misleading details to attempt to unravel the truth of the mysterious murders.

Jesse Stone: shed in paradise (2015)

The critical of the Jesse rock movies in bespeak to clock is Lost In Paradise. Points in the town of heaven seem to be running smoothly, so, Chief stone takes advantage of part well deserved holidays time in Boston.

While there, the Assistant State Homicide Commander, mindful of his LAPD Homicide experience requests his consultation on a set of cold case murders.

His regulation enforcement instincts command him come a case currently closed. There is something around it he can not let walk of and also it leads him into a dangerous investigative endeavor.

Local Boston police doubt the “The Boston Ripper” who is currently behind bars, but, stone takes it in an additional direction top it closer to house with surprises, i can not qualify suspects and grave danger about every corner.

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