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Chris Ware/Keystone Features/Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesSean Conner, the acclaimed actor well-known for his duty as James Bond, has passed away at 90.

Sean Connery will certainly no much longer utter the phrase, “Bond, James Bond.” The legendary Scottish actor, ideal known because that originating the duty of 007, has passed far in his Bahamas home at age 90.

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EON Productions, the production agency behind pass Ian Fleming’s iconic personality to the screen, mutual the news top top their firm website.

In your statement, producer Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli shared in part, “he revolutionised the people with his gritty and also witty portrayal that the sexy and also charismatic mystery agent. He is indeed largely responsible for the success of the film collection and we shall it is in forever grateful to him.”

Connery appeared in a complete of 7 Bond films: Dr. No (1962), From Russia v Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965), You only Live Twice (1967), Diamonds space Forever (1971) and also Never Say never Again (1983). The last was one of only two Bond movies made external of the EON Productions umbrella.

His performances were interrupted by George Lazenby’s outing in On her Majesty’s secret Service (1969) and David Niven in Casino Royale (1967) before Roger Moore took over the role in 1973. Once Connery reprised the personality in 1983, the story focused on an aging Bond.

The existing Agent 007, Daniel Craig, detailed a statement shared with the James link Twitter account. “Sir Sean Connery will certainly be remembered as Bond and also so much more. He identified an era and a style,” he stated in the statement. “The wit and also charm he portrayed on screen could be measured in mega watts; he helped create the contemporary blockbuster.”

Connery Is mostly Regarded together the best Bond

Statement from Daniel Craig

“It is v such sadness that ns heard that the happen of one of the true greats that cinema.

— James bond (
007) October 31, 2020

As pan flood Twitter through dedications to the above actor, one sentiment appears to be carried throughout, Connery was the best.

Radio times quantified his ranking among the bonds that complied with in a vote taken by much more than 14,000 fans. Vote on in rounds, Conner beat Craig in round one. He would go on to face off versus Timothy Dalton and also Pierce Brosnan, winning the title through 44% that the vote.

Rotten Tomatoes appears to agree, ranking 3 of Connery-led bond films among the top 5 of the franchise. Goldfinger take it the optimal spot, through Rotten tomatoes writing, “Goldfinger is wherein James Bond as we recognize him comes into focus – it features one of 007’s most famed lines (‘A martini. Shaken, not stirred’) and also a wide selection of tools that would become the series’ trademark.”

Dr. No ranked third and From Russia through Love was ranked fourth.

Bond Was no Connery’s just Iconic Role

Today, we honor a legend actor, who work—ranging from his Oscar-winning power in "The Untouchables" come his years as James Bond—has left one indelible mark on our movie community and also our lives. Remainder in peace, Sean Connery.

— The Academy (
TheAcademy) October 31, 2020

While Connery ended up being iconic as Bond, that was not his only successful film role.

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The Scottish gibbs would show up in other well-known franchises, such as Indiana Jones and also Highlander. Yet, it to be his revolve as Jim Malone in the Prohibition-era gangster film, The Untouchables, that would certainly earn Connery one Oscar for finest Actor in a supporting Role.

When reviewing The Untouchables, Robert Ebert singled Connery out as the film’s best performance. He wrote, “Connery brings a human facet to his character; he appears to have had an presence apart from the legend the the Untouchables, and when he’s onscreen we deserve to believe, briefly, the the prohibition Era was lived in by people, not caricatures.”