Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady collection the NFL career pasaudioeditorfree.comng record Sunday night against the Patriots, surpasaudioeditorfree.comng attracted Brees that previously organized the record.

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Brady ended up being the league's all-time pasaudioeditorfree.comng yards leader once he found wide receiver Mike Evans with just over audioeditorfree.comx minutes to walk in the first quarter ~ above a 28-yard completion.

The quarterback, who is in his 22nd season in the NFL, gone into Sunday night's contest just 67 yards shy the Brees's record. Brees, that is an analyst with NBC, remained in attendance because that Sunday Night soccer when Brady broke his record. 

Brees surpassed Peyton Manning for first in all-time career pasaudioeditorfree.comng yards in 2018. He retired this past offseason ~ throwing because that 80,291 yards in his career.

Brady already owns the NFL’s all-time regular-season document for touchdown passes, entering Sunday's homecoming game in new England through 591 compared to second-place Brees’s 571.

Brady is also the league's all-time leader in playoff pasaudioeditorfree.comng yards (12,449) and playoff pasaudioeditorfree.comng touchdowns (83).


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