Nine world have currently been executed this year together the Trump management rushes to placed inmates to death prior to President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

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Bradon bernard was recently executed on December 10Credit: Getty images - Getty

How many world are top top federal fatality row in the US?

There are right now 53 prisoners on federal fatality row in the us according to death Penalty Information.

22 of those detainees are white, 23 space black, seven are Latino and also one is Asian.

This number has one human being whose death sentence reversal is still topic to a feasible appeal.


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What is the longest anyone has spent on death row?

Gary Alvord was the nation's longest serving fatality row inmate.

He was sentenced to fatality on April 9, 1974, and spent 40 year behind bars before he passed away of natural causes in 2013.


Gary Alvord invested 40 years on death row however was never ever executed by the stateCredit: Getty photos - Getty

Alvord was 66-years-old when he died.

He to be convicted that murdering Georgia Tully, 53; Ann Herrman, 36, and also Lynne Herrman, 18 in Hillsborough County, Florida, after ~ breaking right into a residence and strangling the women with a nylon cord.

Alvord raped Lynne prior to killing her.

He experienced from schizophrenia and had no near family.

In the moment Alvord spent on fatality row, 75 other inmates were executed in Florida.


16 detainees have already been executed this yearCredit: Getty images - Getty

Bill Sheppard, who represented Alvord for nearly four decades, said, “Gary is a product the a noble system. He was a living example of why we need to not have the fatality penalty…. I would love because that the state the Florida come tell us just how much money lock wasted make the efforts to kill a male they can not kill.

"The death penalty is getting us nothing but broke.”


Several states have abolished the death penalty Credit: AP:Associated Press

There are sixteen human being that have been enforcement this year for this reason far, the greatest in a solitary year because 1896.

These are:

John Steven Gardner: jan 15, 2020 in TexasDonnie Cleveland Lance: jan 29, 2020 in GeorgiaAbel Revill Ochoa: Feb 6, 2020 in TexasNicholas Todd Sutton: Feb 20, 2020 in TennesseeNathaniel Woods: in march 5, 2020 in AlabamaWalter Barton: might 19, 2020 in MissouriBilly Joe Wardlow: July 8, 2020 in TexasDaniel Lewis Lee: July 14, 2020 in TexasWesley Ira Purkey: July 16, 2020 in KansasDustin Lee Honken: July 17, 2020 in IndianaLezmond Charles Mitchell: respectable 26, 2020 in ArizonaWilliam Emmett LeCroy Jr.: September 22, 2020 in Indiana Christopher Andre Vialva: September 24, 2020 in IndianaOrlando Cordia Hall: November 19, 2020 in Indiana

The US government has been rushing to placed inmates to death in a pandemic prior to President Donald Trump pipeline office.

16 inmates have been executed this yearCredit: Lake ar Sheriff's Office

In recent years, new Mexico, Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, new Hampshire and also Colorado have actually legally abolished the death penalty.

Do fatality row inmates select a critical meal?

In numerous US states, death heat prisoners create a menu for their last meal.

Food photographer Henry Hargreaves compiled a photograph series of death row inmates' last meals after becoming fascinated v the heritage in 2011.

Dylann Roof of Columbia, southern CarolinaCredit: EPA

"I dug into that ... And also found a public document . Because that the first time, this people ended up being humanized," the told business Insider.

His series No Seconds and A Year the Killing check out the inmates' asked for last meals with staged photographs. 

Lisa Montgomery the Melvern, Kansas, the woman who FBI agents say confessed to the kidnapping and murder of pregnant mrs Bobbie Jo StinnettCredit: Reuters

"You don't understand if they're being offered on china plates, or plastic, or eating on their laps, or in ~ a wooden table, so ns tried to explore all this variations," he said.

Victor Feguer that was lethally injected in 1963 because that kidnap and also murder asked for a single olive with a pit in it because that his critical meal.

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Notorious serial killer man Wayne Gacy that was judge of rape and also 33 counts of killing ordered 12 fried shrimp, a bucket of original recipe KFC, french fries, and a pound of strawberries before he to be lethally injected.

Alfred Bourgeois, a truck driver native LaPlace, Louisianna, to be convicted of resources murder in 2004 because that the fatality of his 2-year-old daughterCredit: federal Bureau the Prisons

Timothy McVeigh, a domestic terrorist who brought out the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people, wanted 2 pints of mint coco chip ice cream.

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Stephen Anderson, who died by lethal injection in 2002 for his crimes, especially wanted 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, a pint of cottage cheese, Hominy/corn mixture, peach pie, chocolate-chip ice cream and also radishes.