The tables listed below give yearly averages because that snowfall in ~ cities, towns and also parks in brand-new York state. The numbers space for the complete amount that snow and for how plenty of days it snows at the very least 0.1 inches (0.25 centimetres).

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The snowfall totals are yearly averages based upon weather data collected from 1981 to 2010 because that the NOAA national Climatic Data Center.

You can jump to a different table because that each region of the state: Downstate new York, Hudson valley & Catskills, Adirondacks & Seaway, Finger Lakes & main New York State and also Western brand-new York State.

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Place name web links take friend to much more detailed info on snowfall, snowstorms and also snow build-up for that location.

Downstate new York

Average annual snowfallDaysPlaceInchesCenti­metres
10.5Bridgehampton, long Island26.868.1
11.5Brookhaven, lengthy Island31.981.0
11.9New York City, Brooklyn22.757.7
11.1New York City, central Park25.163.8
13.7New York JFK Airport23.860.5
13.1New York La Guardia Airport26.968.3
10.7White Plains27.770.4

Hudson valley & Catskills

Yearly eye averagesDaysPlaceInchesCenti­metres
26.8Saratoga Springs63.4161.0
39.7Slide mountain (2650 feet)94.5240.0

Adirondacks & Seaway

Average full snowfall because that a yearDaysPlaceInchesCenti­metres
31.5Glens Falls68.0172.7
53.6Lake Placid103.0261.6
69.5Old Forge177.3450.3

Finger Lakes & central New York State

Average yearly snowfallDaysPlaceInchesCenti­metres

Western new York State

Total snowfall averages because that a yearDaysPlaceInchesCenti­metres
52.8Niagara Falls76.1193.3