California is home to more immigrant eligible voters than any kind of other state. Above, voter in Los Angeles prepare your ballots on in march 1 throughout early voting for the presidential primary. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

About one-in-ten civilization eligible to vote in this year’s U.S. Presidential election room immigrants. And most (61%) of this 23 million naturalized citizens live in just 5 states.

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California has much more immigrant eligible voter (5.5 million) than any other state, an ext than new York (2.5 million) and also Florida (2.5 million) combined. Texas and brand-new Jersey round out the peak five, with 1.8 million and also 1.2 million immigrant standard voters, respectively.

Here is a closer look at immigrant eligible voters in these five states.

This post is part of a proceeding exploration of immigrant in the U.S. And also their standard voter population. Because that this project, us analyzed the in-depth demographics and geographic circulation of immigrant who are eligible to poll in the 2020 presidential election. The hatchet “eligible voters” describes persons periods 18 and older who room U.S. Citizens. The evaluation is based upon data native the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau’s American neighborhood Survey provided through integrated Public use Microdata series (IPUMS) indigenous the university of Minnesota.

1Asians comprise 43% of immigrant eligible voter in California, the highest of any kind of racial or country group. Nationally, Latinos make up a higher share of immigrant standard voters than Asians (34% vs. 31%), but the turning back is true in the gold State, where plenty of Latino immigrants space ineligible to vote because they carry out not host U.S. Citizenship.

California’s immigrant eligible voter come from many countries. But three origin nations account for 46% that the total: Mexico (1.5 million immigrant standard voters), the Philippines (604,000 voters) and Vietnam (430,000 voters).

The vast bulk of California’s immigrant eligible voter (75%) have actually lived in the United claims for more than 20 years. The re-publishing is highest possible (82%) amongst California’s Latino immigrant voters. Smaller majorities of asian (71%), white (71%) and black (59%) immigrant eligible voters in California have lived in the country for at the very least two decades. English proficiency varies widely among the state’s immigrant default voters. For example, 86% of black immigrant eligible voters in California space English proficient, a substantially higher share than among all the state’s immigrant eligible voters (55%).

2New York stands out for the racial and also ethnic diversity of its immigrant standard voters. Asians (26%), Latinos (25%) and whites (25%) make up comparable shares the the state’s immigrant default voters, while black color immigrants (21%) space a slightly lower share.

When it comes to speaking English, black immigrant eligible voters in brand-new York room substantially an ext likely to it is in English skilled (89%) 보다 white (66%), asian (52%) and Latino (47%) immigrant voters.

In new York, no solitary birth nation accounts because that a large share that the state’s immigrant default voters; about a quarter of foreign-born voter come from the state’s three biggest birth countries. Immigrant from the Dominican Republic are the largest solitary group, with 264,000 eligible voters, adhered to by China (207,000) and Jamaica (143,000).

3Latinos comprise 54% of Florida’s immigrant eligible voters, far greater than the share of white, black and also Asian immigrant voters in the state (17%, 16% and 10% respectively).

Florida’s immigrant voters have actually varying level of English proficiency. Because that example, around half (51%) the Latino immigrant eligible voters are experienced in English, a far lower re-superstructure than among white (82%) or black (81%) immigrant voters.


With 606,000 voters, Cuban immigrants space the largest team in Florida’s foreign-born electorate. Colombian immigrants, at 190,000, and Haitian immigrants, at 187,000, room the second- and third-largest groups.

4Texas rivals Florida in its re-superstructure of hispanic immigrant voters. Roughly half (52%) of all immigrant eligible voters in Texas space Hispanic, a share that trails only Florida (54%) amongst the top states. Eastern immigrants space the second-largest team in Texas at 29%.

Around seven-in-ten immigrant voter in Texas (68%) have lived in the U.S. For much more than 2 decades, comparable to the share among all U.S. Immigrant voters (68%). However, the re-publishing of long-term citizens is significantly lower among black immigrant voters in Texas (40%).

A high re-superstructure of black and also white immigrant voter in Texas are English skilled (88% and 85%, respectively). Lower shares of asian (64%) and Hispanic (47%) immigrant voters are proficient. This is comparable to the pattern nationally.

By country of birth, Mexican immigrants alone account for 40% of all immigrant voter in Texas, or 736,000 people. The second-largest group, v 130,000 voters, room immigrants native Vietnam, when Indian immigrants, through 115,000 voters, make up the third-largest group in the state.

5New Jersey has a high share of oriental immigrant voters v a college degree. around two-thirds of oriental immigrant voters in new Jersey (66%) have actually a bachelor’s degree or higher. That’s substantially higher than the share amongst other immigrant voter groups in the state and also the share amongst immigrant voter in the U.S. Overall (36%), consisting of those who room Asian.

Among new Jersey’s 1.2 million immigrant default voters, 32% space Latino, 30% are Asian, 25% room white and 11% are black.

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Meanwhile, the peak birth nations for immigrant eligible voters in new Jersey space India (122,000 voters), the Dominican Republic (103,000) and the Philippines (63,000).

See the table listed below (or open up it together a PDF) because that detailed qualities of immigrant eligible voters in California, new York, Florida, Texas, brand-new Jersey and also nationally.