A Border Patrol main said the numbers space expected to save increasing: "Your spring months right into your summer months are constantly much busier because that us."


Asylum seekers await transfer by U.S. Border Patrol agents on march 25, 2021 in Hidalgo, Texas.John Moore / Getty Images
WASHINGTON — The U.S. Border Patrol has actually encountered an typical of 5,000 undocumented immigrants per day end the past 30 days, follow to a senior Border Patrol main who speak to reporters on Friday, placing the U.S. On monitor to outpace the trump card administration"s monthly document of border crossings.

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In might 2019, an ext than 144,000 undocumented immigrant were encountered by the Border Patrol, marking a 12-year high. March is most likely to surpass that, getting to 150,000 crossings per month — definition apprehensions to add crossings in ~ legal port of entry without paperwork.

On Thursday, approximately 6,000 immigrant were encountered at the southwest border, the senior Border Patrol official said. Many of those immigrants are still gift turned back into Mexico under an authority from the Centers for an illness Control and also Prevention enacted to combat the spread of Covid-19. However all unaccompanied children and also some migrant households are staying in the U.S.


Biden team warned Trump management of need for an are for migrant youngsters in December

March 24, 202101:40
The boost in unaccompanied children and the restricted capacity of the room of Health and Human services to shelter them has developed backlogs in border handling facilities. The official said on any given work Customs and also Border Protection could have end 9,000 immigrant in that custody. On Thursday, senior Biden management officials stated CBP is not testing migrants for Covid-19 inside those overcrowded facilities.

To further alleviate overcrowding, the Border Patrol is constructing an additional facility in Eagle Pass, Texas, similar to the big tent compound created in Donna, Texas, to hold and also process more immigrants, an especially children before they have the right to be released to HHS.

The senior Border Patrol official said the agency is doing an ext to crack down on illegal smuggling, including going after providers that knowingly carry out tractor trailers to cartels and others who carry immigrants, often endangering your lives.

The Border Patrol additionally announced so late Thursday the a 9-year-old child had died while attempting to overcome the Rio Grande. Agents discovered three immigrants, a Guatemalan mother and her 2 children, unresponsive and also stranded on one island trying to overcome the river. They were able come resuscitate the mother and her 3-year-old but not may be to conserve the 9-year-old.

The an elderly Border Patrol official said the demography they are encountering, specifically the large numbers of unaccompanied children and also families, have actually made the surge viewed this year "much different" than in years past. And, the official said, the numbers room expected to increase.

"Your spring months into your summer months are constantly much busier because that us," the senior Border Patrol main said. The official included that in 2019 Border Patrol saw over 859,000 to meet in 2 sectors in Texas alone, a year that at some point saw over 977,000 encounters through undocumented immigrants across the border.

"I fully expect us to surpass the this fiscal year," the main said.

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Julia Ainsley
Julia Ainsley is a correspondent extending the department of homeland Security and the department of Justice because that the NBC News Investigative Unit.