The surname of the undocumented human featured in this report has been adjusted to protect her identity.

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New York ("re pardon the glances. The "go back to her country" slurs encountering so countless undocumented migrants in the US. But they live in fear. Castle don"t call the police as soon as there"s a break in. Lock think twice before they bring a sick kid to the emergency room. Only, they"re white - and they"re Irish.

An approximated 50,000 undocumented ireland immigrants live in the United states -- they comprise a tiny percentage that the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants living there, the bulk of whom were born in Mexico.
"It is simpler being illegal here when you"re white," Shauna, one undocumented ireland immigrant, tells "It"s no easy, of course, you have that paranoia however there isn"t the gyeongju element. It"s a bit much easier to continue to be under the radar."



Earlier this month, ireland government figures showed that unemployment in the nation had dipped come a nine-year low.
"That"s due to the fact that most that the unemployed civilization moved to America," Staunton quips. "Almost 10% of the populace of Ireland left in 5 years. Plenty of of them ended up in cities here."
On Thursday, together the ireland of Woodlawn pickup your corned beef native Oliver Charles, president Trump will hold Ireland"s Taoiseach, or element minister, Enda Kenny because that the annual St Patrick"s job festivities at the White House.
For decades, ireland leaders have actually used the meeting to ask because that visas because that undocumented Irish civilization in the US.
In the past, exceptions to be granted -- the Morrison and also Donnelly vi of the 1980s and also 1990s, named after the congressmen behind them, provided Irish citizens an benefit over some others seeking the American Dream.
"Irish immigrants combated in the revolution, the polite war, every battle, have more Congressional medals than any other. We"re no better than anyone else, but we"re no worse 보다 anyone rather either," that says.
But Staunton isn"t looking for special exemptions simply for the Irish, he really hopes to see an extensive immigration reform across the board.
"The problem at the moment is the there isn"t a route to citizenship, and also if civilization overstay their visa they are banned," the adds.
Staunton"s stance might represent an evolution in the campaign for the irish undocumented, a relocate towards strategy that tackles immigration reform because that citizens of all countries.
In his meeting, Taoiseach Kenny is intended to speak to chairman Trump around the undocumented Irish, though whether he"ll ask because that a special equipment for ireland citizens is no clear.
Craftsman Eamonn Terry functioning on a crystal shamrock bowl in Waterford, Ireland, that irish leader Enda Kenny will provide President Doanld Trump in ~ the White House"s yearly St Patrick"s day celebration on Thursday.
Fintan O"Toole, one of Ireland"s most significant social commentators wrote in The irish Times critical week that there "is tacit racism in the appeal come Trump come make irish migrants a special case."
"I have family members here, 2nd and third generation Irish. Their family came here as immigrant once," Shauna says. "They"re the very first to put on their environment-friendly T-shirt top top St Patrick"s Day, however at the exact same time will turn around and say "get every undocumented immigrant the end of this country.""
"I turn and look at them and also say, I"m undocumented," she says, "they don"t watch it that means because I"m not brown and I"m no from Mexico, they watch me differently. It"s disgusting."
Life in chairman Trump"s America has prompted Shauna and also her boyfriend, additionally undocumented, to take into consideration a route so many other undocumented Irish have taken: marrying an American friend to obtain a green card.

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"I"ve started thinking about setting up a family, yet there"s a lot of risk come that as soon as you"re illegal," she says.