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President-elect Donald trump card provoked a firestorm on social media with a series of tweets on Nov. 27 that questioned the truth of the balloting that chosen him president.

In one tweet, trumped wrote, "In addition to winning the Electoral university in a landslide, ns won the well-known vote if you deduct the millions of world who poll illegally."

In enhancement to winning the Electoral university in a landslide, i won the well-known vote if you deduct the millions of civilization who vote illegally

— Donald J. Trump card (

He later tweeted, "Serious voter fraud in Virginia, brand-new Hampshire and also California - for this reason why isn"t the media report on this? Serious bias - large problem!"

These tweets market a cornucopia that assertions we’ve currently debunked, consisting of the notion that Trump winner the Electoral college in a "landslide" (False), the he won the well-known vote (Pants on Fire), and also that 3 million votes were actors by illegal aliens (False).

We discovered zero proof for Trump’s fee that that "won the well-known vote if friend deduct the millions of human being who poll illegally," and also a most reasons to conclude the it no happen.

The existing status that the vote

Almost three weeks after election Day, the ballots are mainly — yet not completely — counted.

The most substantial vote-tracking analysis is published by David Wasserman that the nonpartisan chef Political Report. Together of noon on Nov. 28, according to Wasserman’s calculations, Hillary Clinton led trump card by about 2.24 million votes -- special, 64,654,483 for Clinton, 62,418,820 for Trump, and also 7,192,036 for various other candidates.

Late ballot tabulations in some states are quiet trickling in -- numerous of them states, such as California, where Clinton fared overwhelmingly well. Because that this reason, Wasserman tweeted on Nov. 26 the Clinton appears to it is in on track to victory the famous vote by 2.5 million to 2.7 million votes, or a margin of around 2 percentage points end Trump.

So to erase Trump’s popular-vote deficit, there would need to be almost 3 million votes for Clinton the were actors illegally. And also that assumes that all 3 million of this "illegal votes" checked out Clinton and also not a single one went to Trump.

That’s a really big number. For a sense of scale, 3 million votes is much more than were cast for any type of presidential candidate in 36 claims plus the district of Columbia. And also 3 million world is much more than a 4 minutes 1 of the approximated 11 million undocumented immigrant in the United says — a group that InfoWars specifically singled out as the source of 3 million illegal votes.

A absence of evidence

As we’ve previously noted, conspiracy-minded web page — significantly Alex Jones’ InfoWars — have posted write-ups claiming that 3 million votes in the presidential election were "cast by illegal aliens." us rated the False.

As proof of that claim, InfoWars’ headline referred to a report from VoteFraud.org and also tweets indigenous Gregg Phillips, whose Twitter profile states he’s the founder of VoteStand, a voter fraud reporting app.

However, there is no report native VoteFraud.org, and Phillips called audioeditorfree.com he is no affiliated with that website. Tweets by Phillips on Nov. 11 and also Nov. 13 said that "we have actually verified an ext than 3 million votes actors by non-citizens" and that Phillips had "completed evaluation of database that 180 million voter registrations. Number of non-citizen votes over 3 million. Consulting legit team."

Phillips has actually not comment to audioeditorfree.com’s queries for additional information. That told us previously that he has chosen not to release more information because he is still working on examining the data and also verifying its accuracy. Phillips would certainly not speak what the data is or whereby it came from, or what methodology the used. He stated he would release the info publicly when he is finished.

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On a Nov. 28 conference contact with reporters, trump card spokesman Jason Miller stated two pieces of proof that trump card had also cited previously in the campaign. One to be a 2012 Pew center on the claims study whose writer denies that it found any kind of evidence the voter fraud. The various other was a 2014 post posted top top the Monkey Cage blog held by the Washington Post; it triggered multiple articles by various other political scientists casting doubt top top its accuracy. In any kind of case, neither examine offers analysis of the 2016 electoral returns.