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Univision and combination news anchor Jorge Ramos questioned a U.S.-Mexico border wall surface on Fox News (screengrab)


Depending on which poll friend believe, in between 40 and 50 percent of americans support building a wall surface or fence follow me the border through Mexico. Jorge Ramos, a news anchor on Univision and Fusion, provides no an enig of his disdain because that the idea.

A couple of days ~ attracting widespread an alert after gift thrown out of a Donald Trump push conference while questioning a concern on immigration policy (he was later on allowed ago in), Ramos accepted an invitation to appear on Fox News’ The O’Reilly element on Sept. 2, 2015. Organize Bill O’Reilly’s an initial question pressed the on the issue of a border wall.

O’Reilly: "You don’t want a border wall. Girlfriend don’t desire that. Why not?"

Ramos: "It’s a totally absurd idea. Why would you want to build a 1,900-mile wall between Mexico and also the United claims if nearly 40 percent the all immigrants come by plane and lock overstay their visas?"

Ramos is far from the first person to deploy the statistic that 40 percent the unauthorized immigrant come into the nation under a legitimate visa and also then stay past its expiration date. Two Republican presidential candidates, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and also former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, have said the same thing. As soon as we checked Rubio’s claim, us rated it mostly True.

However, Ramos’ statement add to the wrinkle that these human being typically come by airplane to rebut the notion that a wall surface would stop unauthorized immigration. As it turns out, it"s tough to prove how they travel.

Actually, 40 percent might be too low

The key research top top "overstays" -- the functioning term because that this group of unauthorized immigrants Ramos had actually in psychic -- to be undertaken in 1997 through the U.S. Immigration and also Naturalization Service. The INS approximated that overstays accounted because that 41 percent that the undocumented.

Here we’ll include a bit of complexity. Immigration researchers divide the undocumented right into two teams -- overstays and also "entries without inspection." The first group might have a student, temporary work-related or traveler visa. The second group never went through any kind of review. 

Robert Warren -- who assisted in that occupational at the INS and also now is a senior fellow in ~ the center for hike Studies, a research group started by Catholic missionaries -- called PunditFact that not just does the balance in between the two still hold, it has actually likely tilted towards the overstays.

"Since 2000, come from Mexico, who are about 85-90 percent "entries there is no inspection," have plummeted, if overstays have increased, or stayed at about their historic levels," Warren said.

Warren claimed the transition likely stems indigenous U.S. Efforts that have made it harder to enter by land.

He sent us this graph from his latest study at the center.


Source: Center because that Migration Studies

Analysts through two other organizations, the Pew research study Center and also the Migration plan Institute, largely ago Warren’s all at once estimates.

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"It is most likely that the 40 percent number is still valid and, if anything, the re-superstructure of unauthorized immigrants who are visa overstayers is probably higher than 40 percent," claimed Jeffrey Passel at Pew.