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Rep. Man Faso, R-Kinderhook, claimed that many gun crime is committed by illegal total owners. (Courtesy: C-SPAN)

U.S. Rep. Man Faso says he opposes part gun-control measures since they target the not correct people.

Laws that limit the rights of law-abiding gun owners don’t make sense since most total crime is cursed by those who illegally own a gun, claimed Faso, a Republican.

"The vast majority of crime the is gun related is cursed by human being who illegally are possessing the firearm," Faso stated in an interview ~ above C-SPAN.

Faso - that represents components of the Hudson Valley and also Capital Region - supports strengthening background checks because that gun buyers, banning bang stocks and raising the age to acquisition a firearm come 21. The does no support various other measures, favor a half on assault-style firearms.

Is Faso ideal that the bulk of pistol crime is committed by those who illegally own a gun?

National data

The last time the government tracked this type of data remained in 2004 as soon as the U.S. Office of justice Statistics surveyed inmates in federal and state prisons. Component of the survey asked inmates who had actually a gun throughout their crime where they originally acquired it.

Dr. Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins center for gun Policy and Research, was part of a team that used the data to estimate how countless illegally possessed guns.

In the 13 says with the fewest limitations on total ownership, 40 percent of inmates illegally obtained the gun lock used, Webster said. Only around 13 percent to buy the gun native a keep or pawn shop.

In the various other 37 states, including new York state, 60 percent of inmates illegal procured the gun lock used, Webster said.

"If girlfriend look at the many stringent standards for legal total ownership, it’s much more like 65 percent," Webster said.

The data is tough to track due to the fact that gun ownership regulations vary indigenous state to state. Brand-new York state has actually universal background checks, for example. All gun sales need to go with a federally licensed dealer. A state favor Mississippi, meanwhile, go not call for background checks external of pistol shops.

New York state also prohibits people convicted of numerous violent misdemeanors from buying or owning a gun. Plenty of other states perform not, Webster said.

"What human being don’t really evaluate is that the requirements for total ownership room so that you deserve to be a legal gun owner yet not for this reason much legislation abiding," Webster said.

About 48 percent of state jail inmates surveyed stated they gained the pistol they used from a family members member, friend, total store, pawn shop, flea market, or total show. Most states just require a background examine if the acquisition happens in ~ a pistol store, according to the Giffords center to stop Gun Violence.

Forty percent that state jail inmates admitted they obtained the gun illegal on the black color market, native a medicine dealer, or by thefts it.

Federal agencies have actually not released research comparable to Webster’s on illegal gun crime. His study was the only evaluation of commonwealth data we can find and also experts were not conscious of another.

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Congress because the 1990s has had an effective ban on federal taxpayer money being invested on research right into gun violence as a public health issue and also gun control advocacy by the Centers for condition Control and Prevention. But other government agencies are totally free to collection data ~ above guns and gun crime.