Floyd Mayweather is probably as good at organization as the is inside the ring. "Money" never ever shies away from flaunting his hard-earned assets.

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" data-img-low="https://audioeditorfree.com/how-many-houses-does-floyd-mayweather-have/imager_1_10357_700.jpg" src="https://www.audioeditorfree.com/data:image/svg+xml,">Floyd Mayweather"s las Vegas mansion

Mayweather recently took to Instagram to share a video clip of his house in ras Vegas. The footage showed just a tiny component of the big estate, special a picturesque view of Floyd Mayweather was standing in front of a water fountain within a pool.

The estate to be bought by Floyd Mayweather ago in 2018. Follow to the ras Vegas Review-Journal, Mayweather"s home lies top top 21,861 square feet that land. It has a 16,357-square-foot mansion together with an outdoor swim pool, 2 guest houses, a pool house, two detached garages, a small vineyard and other amenities.

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" data-img-low="https://audioeditorfree.com/how-many-houses-does-floyd-mayweather-have/imager_3_10357_700.jpg" src="https://www.audioeditorfree.com/data:image/svg+xml,">Floyd Mayweather"s las Vegas mansion

According to luxury Estates global founder Kamran Zand, the revenue of the residential or commercial property was one of the most expensive ones lugged out under your banner in 2018.

" data-img-low="https://audioeditorfree.com/how-many-houses-does-floyd-mayweather-have/imager_4_10357_700.jpg" src="https://www.audioeditorfree.com/data:image/svg+xml,">Floyd Mayweather"s ras Vegas mansion

How much money walk Floyd Mayweather make after his fight against Logan Paul?

According to sportingfree.com, Floyd Mayweather bagged a straightforward fight purse of $10 million. He also received fifty percent the PPV earnings, therefore taking his complete earnings for boxing YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul to the level of a usual Floyd Mayweather payout.

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Although "Money" got a lot of flak for not being able to complete Logan Paul, he made that known automatically after the challenge that the objective of the fight had been met. The 44-year-old went house with a vast check for mirroring up and also boxing against a lot less-experienced fighter because that bare minutes. Mayweather truly lived approximately his "Money" nickname.