august 10, 2021 - 14:55 BST Chloe best Barack Obama house: see where the former US President resides with wife Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and also Malia Obama.

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Barack Obama celebrated his 60th date of birth in style, surrounded by friends, family and also swathes of famed faces. He and his wife Michelle decided their own residence as the venue because that Barack"s huge birthday bash - and also we can see why.

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The Obamas" Massachusetts home

The Obamas additionally own a holiday residence in Martha"s Vineyard

The household have an $11.75 million mansion in the celebrity haunt the Martha"s Vineyard, Massachusetts and also it is utterly stunning.

It has actually seven bedrooms, 2 guest wings, and an outdoor swimming pool. It sits on a sprawling 29-acre estate through beautiful sea views, and even has its very own private beach and also boathouse.

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It was snapped up by the pair in December 2019 because that $3milllion less than the original asking price, and after many renovations, the pad was party ready!

The Obamas" Washington home

The Obamas also own an$8.1million home in the to exclude, Kalorama neighbourhood, just 5 minutes far from The White house in Washington D.C. The property has actually frequently showed up in Michelle Obama"s Instagram posts.

Barack and also Michelle made the decision to remain in Washington after his presidency so the their youngest daughter Sasha could complete her high school education. They to buy a nine-bedroom Tudor-style mansion that spans 8,500-square-feet and also sits ~ above a quarter-acre of land.

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The former US President offered up a rare look into his beautiful household home as soon as he handle his 33.9million followers around his book. He sat on a salmon pink couch v a stripe pattern, and also this colourful sofa can not be further from the minimalist cream ones that Barack had within the wall surfaces of the White House.

Barack Obama confirmed off his peaceful sofa ~ above Instagram

Sasha is also lucky sufficient to have her very own suite in the house, complete with a different living area. Michelle opened up around her daughter"s room throughout an interview on Ellen in 2018, telling host Ellen DeGeneres: "Sasha actually eliminated in this house. She has actually a two-room suite, it"s every decked out. She has like a life room area and a bedroom."