Whether you’re looking for a part-time job, or a permanent career, ours 16,000+ retail stores are rich with opportunity. Through our award-winning cultivate programs and also energetic keep environment, she bound come succeed—and have actually fun act it! apply today and get ready for a effective future in ~ Dollar General.

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Every day we job-related hard, and we enjoy the rewards. If you’re looking for a career wherein you deserve to learn, grow, press yourself personally and professionally, and also where you can feel a feeling of pride in her work, then we must talk.


We have so much fun in the store, and we are like a family. I really value the adaptability I need to balance my time between work, school, and taking treatment of mine family. 

My save Manager has been for this reason supportive, taking me under she wing and also helping prepare me for the next measures in my career.

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I work with exceptional people and serve my customers and also community. If you desire to grow, the opportunities are here at disagreement General!

It feels an excellent to serve the community and also the people you live and also work through every day. Customers love the store, and also some of castle come in every solitary day simply to view US. 

I"m always learning and growing, and it"s so exceptional to help others come learn and grow and also to it is in a part of their success!
It"s incredibly lucrative to job-related with keep Managers and also to help them grow and also develop and realize your potential!
“With every the assistance from leadership, training, and development, Dollar basic has given me a tremendous possibility to grow.” — Yavia

We’ve worked hard to develop a company culture we are proud of. As among America’s fastest-growing retailers, us offer profitable leadership opportunities and also competitive pay and also benefits. Apply online today, and also let’s flourish together!

Supports the Store managers in their district.Helps develop emerging leaders and partnerswith save support teams.