Las las vegas is home to several of the largest, many elaborate, resorts in the entire world. In addition to thousands of rooms, ras Vegas hotels frequently offer impressive pool complexes, top tier dining options, the greatest buffets around, and also world course entertainment.

But what space the biggest hotels in ras Vegas? no surprisingly, the largest hotels in the city all contact the piece their home. Sign up with us, as we countdown the 11 best hotels through room counting in ras Vegas.

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11. Mandalay bay – 3,209 Rooms: Anchoring the south end of the las Vegas strip Mandalay bay lays claim to the fifth largest convention center in north America boasting over 2,000,000 square feet of space. In addition to hundreds of hotel rooms, Mandalay only is also home to a sprawling 11 acre pool complicated which is made up of a lazy river, 1.6 million gallon wave pool, a jogging track, and 2,700 loads of sand.

Mandalay only – picture Courtesy MGM Resorts

10. Flamingo – 3,460 Rooms: Originally opened up in 1946 through mobster Bugsy Siegel, Flamingo is not only substantial in size, yet an iconic component of the las Vegas skyline. Obviously, the facility Strip hotel has changed over the years, currently offering a 93,000 square foot gaming floor, 2 distinct pool environments, and also even an outdoor wildlife habitat i beg your pardon is home to various types of foul to encompass flamingos. Keep in mind that around 2/3 the Flamingo’s 3,460 rooms have actually been newly renovated (more top top Flamingo room renovations here).

Glamingo ras Vegas – Courtesy of caesar Entertainment

9. Resorts civilization – 3,506 Rooms: The brand-new kid on the block aims to re-inject part life right into the north finish of the las Vegas Strip. Finish with over 40 food & beverage options, a 5.5-acre rooftop pool complex, 117,000 square feet that gaming, a 5,000 seat entertainment venue, and 70,000 square feet of retail, Resorts civilization packs a punch.


8. Circus Circus – 3,773 Rooms: recognized as a “kid-friendly” las Vegas resort, Circus Circus supplies guests access to the Splash zone water playground finish with numerous water slides and also a splash pad. Additionally, family fun can be discovered at Circus Circus’ Adventuredome indoor theme park, or by discovering one of their cost-free daily circus acts. Parents, don’t worry. Circus Circus likewise offers a full adult casino to include the largest collection the token-operated slot machines in ras Vegas.


7. Bellagio – 3,933 Rooms: A luxurious, center Strip resort, Bellagio opened in October of 1998 and cost $1.6 exchange rate to construct. In enhancement to that is size, Bellagio is also known because that its free Fountains of Bellagio performance, seasonal conservatory displays, and its 100,000+ square feet of gaming. An additional sizable amenity available by Bellagio is the pool complex which is made up of 5 pools, 4 whirlpools, and also 50+ cabanas.

Bellagio – photo Courtesy that MGM Resorts

6. Caesars royal residence – 3,980 Rooms: sitting on one 85 acre plot that land, and comprised that 5 distinct hotel towers, Caesars is just one of the greatest resorts in ras Vegas. In addition to an exceptional room count, Caesars royal residence is also home to the”Garden of the Gods” pool complex, consisted of of 7 pools and swim up blackjack. Your upscale Bacchanal Buffet is additionally one the the best buffets in ras Vegas.

5. Excalibur – 3,981 Rooms: A middle ages castle themed property, Excalibur opened up in 1990 and cost $290 million come construct. Excalibur additionally offers guests access to an outstanding pool facility complete through 4 heated pools and 2 waterfalls and also a sprawling 100,000 square foot casino floor. Well-known as a budget plan friendly resort, Excalibur delivers a strong value proposition to frugal tourists through low gaming minimums, cheap eats, and inexpensive entertainment.

4. Aria – 4,004 Rooms: Aria is the largest building in the civilization with LEED Gold status awarded for ecological sustainability. Aria’s expansive, 150,000 square foot gaming floor is home to 145 table games and also 1,940 slots. Fine dining options are likewise plentiful in ~ Aria, through quality choices such together Herringbone, Catch, Carbone, and also Jean Georges Steakhouse amongst others.

3. Venetian – 4,028 Rooms: Venetian is among the greatest hotels in las Vegas, however the size of the property isn’t what catches your eye, quite the elaborate theming. From her stunning exterior presence, the open up air piazza feeling of St. Mark’s Square, to the cobblestone highways of the cool Canal Shoppes, Venetian is successful in moving guests to one more continent.

2. Luxor – 4,400 Rooms: No hotel in las Vegas is an ext recognizable come the typical Joe than Luxor. The above pyramid an initial opened the doors in 1993 and also cost $375 million come construct. Twin 22 story hotel towers were added to the residential property in 1998 allowing it to case its position as the 2nd biggest hotel in Vegas. Other notable amenities in ~ Luxor incorporate a sprawling 5-acre pool facility and the HyperX eSports Arena. Luxor is also the largest structure in the people to hold LEED Gold standing for ecological sustainability.

1. MGM cool – 5,044 Rooms: The best hotel in las vegas by Room count, MGM grand originally opened in 1993 v a “Wizard the Oz” theme. While the theming has progressively faded, guests room still invited by a 45 foot tall bronze lion frostbite weighing in in ~ 100,000 lbs. A neat historic note around MGM is the they incorporated the Marina Hotel framework (which activate from 1975-1990) right into the resort’s west wing (wing closest to the Strip) during the MGM Grand’s initial construction. Boasting 4 different 30 story hotel Towers, MGM cool is a behemoth to behold and, because that now, reigns as the biggest in every one of Las Vegas.

There you have it – The 11 greatest hotels in las Vegas. In the not too far-off future, we’re hopeful that The Drew/Fontainebleau job (whatever they’re calling it nowadays) will certainly be completed as its projected 3,780 rooms would place it steady on this list.

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