I don"t think I"m gift controversial once I say that many contemporary performance cars have too lot power. Our collective obsession v specs, add to the institutional require to present generational development in the most conveniently understandable way, has actually pushed output into the realm of the absurd. After all, BMW will market you a 523-hp 5-Series that isn"t one M5.

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It"s every a little bit ridiculous. Carry out the buyers that a 523-hp 5-Series really know just how to regulate that lot power? You know that anyone with money can go lease a McLaren 720S, right?

However! when Ferrari released photos that its new limited-edition hardcore 812 variant and also announced that it would have 830 horsepower, i was thrilled.

Call me a hypocrite if you"d like. I"ll simply say ns contain multitudes.


I very first drove an 812 Superfast ago in 2018. Ns still think around it from time come time. Ns recall putting my foot down specifically once, on a directly stretch that road, and also getting the shit scared the end of me. This auto is far, much too rapid for public roads. Completely ridiculous. And yet I came away reasoning the vehicle was basically beyond criticism.


It"s all about the engine. There"s a specific old-world magnificence to a V-12, specifically one indigenous Ferrari, and especially one this good. In the Superfast, the V-12 displaces 6.5 liters, however revs to 8900 rpm and also reaches that is 789-hp power peak at 8500 rpm. And there"s no compelled induction or hybrid assist.

I"m no Luddite. I acknowledge that turbochargers and also electric electric motors will ensure that we deserve to have both quick cars and a world to gain them on. However as a fan of engineering, and as someone that looks at the automotive Fifties and also Sixties through rose-tinted spectacles, i am wired come love a V-12 like this. If you are ever before lucky enough to drive an 812, you"ll love this engine too. That revs so ferociously, you"ll have actually a difficult time believing it displaces 6.5 liters. You"ll wonder what type of spacecraft material Ferrari used for the rotating assembly. This is perhaps one of the finest road-car engines ever before produced.

I believe internal combustion has a couple of decades that life left, however there"s still no doubt that marketing cars through engines like this will end up being far much more difficult, if no outright impossible. We understand for particular that an ext hybrid Ferraris are on their way, and the brand"s very first all-electric auto should come in 2025. Ns make no suspect on when specific things will certainly happen, yet it"s hard to imagine that we"re not reaching an end of an era here. Provided that, i believe—and excuse me if this sounds absurd—that Ferrari designers are duty-bound to extract as lot as possible from this V-12. Let"s take this thing as much as we can before we can"t anymore.

That"s why i was delighted to discover out the the brand-new limited-edition 812 would make 830 hp in ~ 9500 rpm. Also when I"m open minded apathetic around many various other high-horsepower cars.


The exact same hybrid and forced-induction solution that space designed to minimize fuel consumption and also exhaust emissions also make horsepower extremely easy. Ferrari"s very own SF90 Stradale has actually 986 merged horsepower indigenous its twin-turbo V-8 and electric motors. However in my mind, 830 hp native this upcoming 812 is more exciting.

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Will it it is in too fast for the road? Comically so. The "standard" 812 Superfast is already absurd, and also this will be lighter and an ext powerful. I intend it to be a car for i beg your pardon you have to be fully and utterly present when driving, and also a handful because that anyone less than the knowledgeable motorist. You"ll need a monitor to actually make use of anything close come what the will have to offer, despite I"d it is in surprised to check out one turn up at any serious HPDE day.

Perhaps this 812 will end up representing a an ext academic achievement than anything else. Too lot for the road, yet not a track car. Yet it"s one hell of an achievement. If this is the finish of the unassisted V-12, we might also go out on a high.

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