ST. Luigi — Police public representative on Monday published city crime statistics for the an initial time in much more than 6 months.

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The department provided the an initial update to its crime statistics webpage because December 2020 with a report that consisted of crime totals because that the city and also for each neighborhood and police patrol area indigenous the beginning of the year with June 24.

The relocate comes around a main after the Post-Dispatch released a story ~ above the months-long hold-up in making crime totals and data accessible to the general public online without human being having to paper and pay because that a request v the Missouri Sunshine Law, i beg your pardon governs the relax of publicly records.

A lack of publicly obtainable crime data has left St. Louis occupants in the dark for 6 months on occurring crime trends. 

The details released Monday remains limited and the department sees the upgrade as a “temporary fix.”

One limitation is that the general public can’t compare most crime totals to previous years. The department on Dec. 7 transformed the method it gives crime numbers to the nationwide Incident-Based reporting System, or NIBRS, to comply through a landmark readjust in nationwide FBI reporting requirements.

NIBRS is designed come capture much more detailed crime data and also has a different way of counting crimes. In the new system, once multiple crimes room committed during one incident, each it s okay counted. Under the old system, just the many serious offense would certainly be tallied.

St. Louis police stay unable to to compare year-over-year crime statistics and also are focusing on month-to-month comparisons, room spokeswoman officer Michelle Woodling called the Post-Dispatch this month.




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Our worst mirroring came in "home and also community safety," in which we were ranked No. 181 out of the 182 cities. Just Baton Rouge, Louisiana, fared worse.