ROCHESTER, N.Y. ( — Rochester has officially tied the 2020 full for homcides, police data shown Thursday.

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Rochester Police Captain candid Umbrino said the city got to 52 murdersas it added two cases, consisting of a deadly June shootout ~ above Hudson Avenue, and an assault and robbery on Mount check out Boulevard in April.

In the first case,44-year old Manuelito Rivera died from his injuries Wednesday. The and three other human being were shooting in the Walmartparking many on June 28.An 18-year-old man, later identified as point of view Gonzalez-Pagan, additionally died indigenous his injuries.

Police say progress has been do in the investigation, yet no arrests have been made.

In the second case, police counted the death of 51-year-old Alicia Saladyga as a homicide.Saladyga to be assaulted and also robbed in her hotel room top top April 7. In ~ the time, she was hospitalized, however her condition worsened and also she diedon April 22.

34-year-old Christopher Pate and 44-year-old Jennifer Shea have already been charged and indicted for several chargesand space still in custody. Police speak the Monroe County ar Attorney’s Office isreviewing the case and will identify when and ifadditional charges will be filed againstPate and Shea.

Pate is at this time suing the City that Rochester, Rochester Police Department, the previous officer convicted of assaulting him, Michael Sippel, and also other members of the department.

Sippel to be convicted the misdemeanor assault and also is serving a sentence ofthree yearsprobationfor hitting Pate in the face during the incident, resulting in a face fracture.

The city got to 50 homicides ~ above the tail finish of a three-day span that experienced three world killed, including a male shot and also killed on Harris Street on Monday night.

52 killings point out the highest complete in Rochester since 42 world were eliminated in 2013.

Behind the scenes, legislation enforcement and also community activists have either dubbed for change, or launched campaigns like theFederal Violence Prevention and also Elimination Response (VIPER) Task force orUnited and Healing v Hope of Monroe County.

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Back through the Walmart shooting, police ask everyone with information or cabinet phone video clip of the shootingto contact 911, the major Crimes Unit in ~ (585) 428-7157,Crime Stoppers at(585) 423-9300, or emailMajorCrimes