OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 13: Chalinda Hatcher, mommy of Shamara Young, 15, poses because that a picture in Oakland, Calif., top top Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021. Young to be fatally shot throughout a ‘road rage’ occurrence on Bancroft Avenue becoming the city’s 109th homicide the the year. (Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group)

Three gunshots echoed around Joshua Hatcher. The home window of his vehicle shattered alongside him.

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Then Hatcher looked ideal at his niece, Shamara Young. She wasn’t ducking, or make the efforts to dodge the bullets flying right into his passenger’s seat. The 15-year-old was simply sitting there with a gunshot wound in she head together Hatcher struggled to keep driving.

“That’s as soon as I kind of go hysterical — everything came to my mind at once,” Hatcher said. Cradling she body v his totally free hand, he hit the gas and also drove right to a hospital, wherein doctors evidenced what he currently suspected.

Shamara’s death, on Oct. 6 — after a road rage encounter that extended for practically two miles throughout East Oakland — marked the city’s 109th homicide, a grim milestone the equaled last year’s variety of killings, with nearly three months staying in 2021. Like many of the homicides in Oakland, Shamara’s death remains unsolved.

Shamara Young, 15, to be fatally shot throughout a ‘road rage’ event on Bancroft path in Oakland, Calif., coming to be the city’s 109th homicide of 2021. (Courtesy of Chalinda Hatcher)

“It’s a many to have the ability to accept, someone v such a reckless state that mind,” Hatcher said. “None of those bullets had actually my niece’s surname on it.”

With homicides in Oakland up about 40% indigenous 2019, the drumbeat the death throughout Oakland has actually left ar leaders grasping for means to end the bloodshed, while additional stoking debate on the function of policing in the city. Last year, the country homicide price jumped virtually 30%, according to data native the commonwealth Bureau the Investigation. In Oakland, the boost was around 40%.

And while critical year’s spike in violence has actually leveled turn off in countless other significant cities, Oakland has end up being an outlier, v a homicide rate that continues to rise.

“We space at a boiling point, and it has completely spilled over in the middle of this pandemic,” stated City Council human Treva Reid, who district incorporates deep east Oakland.

The bulk of murders this year have been on the east side, with about 60% emerging in the two police divisions that encompass the areas east that 35th Avenue and the Elmhurst and also Eastmont neighborhoods, follow to the Oakland Police Department.

That toll consists of Shamara, who was shot near Bancroft and 50th avenues.

Outside her house, dozens of candles and flowers filled the sidewalk, resting below pictures that the girl flashing a “peace” sign and smiling at the camera.

Like plenty of teenagers, Shamara to be constantly top top TikTok, always making run videos, sometimes also while standing in heat to examine out at Costco, her mother, Chalinda Hatcher, said. She had much more eclectic interests too: This past summer, she took a class on how to juggle while walking on stilts. And also she was functioning on enhancing her qualities at surrounding Fremont High School, so the she could join the basketball team.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 13: A memorial for Shamara Young, 15, is seen outside her house in Oakland, Calif., top top Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021. Young was fatally shot during a ‘road rage’ occurrence on Bancroft Avenue becoming the city’s 109th homicide that the year. (Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group)

“If you were her friend, friend weren’t she friend, girlfriend were she family,” Chalinda Hatcher said. “Everybody knew that once you to be friends with her, friend weren’t going come let her go. Due to the fact that she loved v everything.”

Two main ago, Shamara’s mother had been planning her Sweet 16 date of birth party at Dave & Buster’s, wherein the girl could enjoy arcade games with her friends.

Instead, Chalinda Hatcher invested Wednesday morning picking out a purple, unicorn-encrusted urn to organize her daughter’s ashes.

“When is enough, enough?” she said. “I try to wrap mine head roughly it, however can’t imagine why who would perform this.”

Shamara had actually planned on becoming a forensic scientist, Chalinda Hatcher said, voraciously the town hall shows prefer “Criminal Minds,” “911,” and “Law & Order.”

“That’s why I know that her soul is not going to remainder until we discover out who did this,” Chalinda Hatcher said. “Because she would want us to discover out. She doesn’t want to be another unsolved murder.”

So far, simply 31% that Oakland homicides this year have actually resulted in arrests, follow to police spokesperson Paul Chambers.

Such short homicide arrest rates are typical here — an especially in cases involving black or Latinx victims, stated Roxanna Altholz, a regulation professor and co-director the the International human Rights regulation Clinic in ~ UC Berkeley. Oakland police make arrests in simply 40% the homicide cases from 2000 come 2018, stated Altholz, that authored a report top top the problem in early 2020. That’s contrasted to a clearance rate of 58% in California and 63% across the U.S. In that same time period.

When so few people space arrested, the families of those slain deserve to feel like victims themselves, Altholz said.

“It’s not simply an issue about policing — it’s about supporting households that have experienced the worst tragedy the a person can experience,” Altholz said. “It effects every facet of a life: family members life, your capability to work and administer for her family and also yourself, her spiritual outlook, your emotional wellbeing, every aspect.”

The fast-rising homicide rate comes as Oakland juggles calls among community activists because that city leaders to enact more wide-ranging police reforms.

Oakland police chief LeRonne Armstrong claimed the continued rise in violence is due, in part, to the pandemic disrupting violence prevention programs such as Ceasefire, which mostly stopped operations last year between the pandemic. Armstrong additionally pointed to the reality that more than 50 officers have left the department end the last 5 months — leave fewer civilization to patrol the streets.

The department’s staffing levels have actually dipped therefore low that it might imperil profits from the measure up Z thoreau tax, which requires the city to rental 678 sworn officers prior to spending the money, aimed at avoiding violence. As of Wednesday, the department had actually 684 officers.

Oakland have asked because that the public’s aid in resolving Shamara’s murder, releasing clip of a car suspected of being associated in the shooting.

“This is not choose what you see on TV — us really depend on the community’s help,” said Armstrong, imploring inhabitants to share video clip and tips with detectives. “I do think there is hope, though. The hope rests in the truth that us all desire a more secure Oakland. However that means that we all have to come together collectively.”

Shamara’s uncle, Joshua Hatcher, wishes much more officers had actually been patrolling during the roadway rage encounter the left his nephew dead. How, he wonders, go no police officers see what to be happening together the ordeal stretched for practically 20 blocks?

In the week-and-a-half since those shots echoed in his car, Hatcher has second-guessed himself countless times. Gift Shamara’s uncle, he always viewed himself together her “protector.”

“I’m trying come really figure out what ns did to reason them to want to carry out this,” Hatcher said. “It no anything that i did.

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“I feeling so responsible, man. That’s what damages me the most — is the truth that i wasn’t able to be there for her.”

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 13: Chalinda Hatcher, mother of Shamara Young, 15, poses for a photo in Oakland, Calif., on Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021. Young to be fatally shot during a ‘road rage’ occurrence on Bancroft Avenue coming to be the city’s 109th homicide the the year. (Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group)

Data reporter Harriet Blair Rowan contributed to this report.