CHICAGO - So much this year, Chicago has had an ext murders and more people shot than in the previous three years.

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Statistics exit by the Chicago Police department on Monday, November 1, display that so far in 2021, 678 human being in Chicago have been murdered. That's greater than the previous three years from January 1 to October 31:

Chicago police release video clip showing vehicle, suspects associated to fatal shooting of 4-year-old

A brand-new video to be released through police reflecting the vehicle and suspects linked to the fatal shooting of a 4-year-old in Chicago.

The number of shooting victim in Chicago has also gone up compared to the last three years. Here's the variety of people shot in Chicago between January 1 to October 31 during this year and also over the past three years:

2021: 3766 human being shot2020: 3443 world shot2019: 2221 world shot2018: 2465 civilization shot

In particular, the month of October 2021 was also much more violent in Chicago 보다 in previous years, with 356 people shot:

October 2021: 356 civilization shotOctober 2020: 344 people shotOctober 2019: 222 world shotOctober 2018: 253 human being shot

However, there to be fewer civilization murdered in Chicago in October 2021 보다 in October 2020:

October 2021: 59October 2020: 69October 2019: 40October 2018: 54


The many violent year the the past 10 year is 2016, once at the very least 781 homicides to be reported. Homicides dipped the next year, come at the very least 644, and also continued to decrease to 547 in 2018 and 501 in 2019 prior to spiking again.

There had been a similar decrease before 2016: at least 435 homicides in 2011, 504 in 2012, 415 in 2013, 407 in 2014 and also 478 in 2016.

For much of this year, homicides and also shootings had actually been steadily raising from critical year. The the city’s 72 neighborhoods, 50 are seeing either much more homicides or around the same number together last year. Just 22 space faring better, follow to Sun-Times data.

Many struggling areas continue come bear the brunt of violence: Austin, north Lawndale, Auburn-Gresham, West Garfield Park, West Pullman, southern Shore, Roseland, close to West Side, southern Lawndale and also Washington Heights.

Over the last weekend, at least 28 people were hit by gunfire and also six died. Four of those homicides developed in police districts that cover some of these neighborhoods.

Two men were shot and killed beforehand Saturday in Avondale top top the Northwest Side. The 2 men, 28 and also 26, to be shot shot minute after midnight in the 2700 block that West Belmont Avenue, Chicago police said. Both were required to Illinois Masonic medical Center and pronounced dead. Their names haven’t to be released.A guy was killed in Austin top top the West next Saturday afternoon. The 26-year-old was in a auto in the 900 block of southern Monitor Avenue once he to be stuck by gunfire, police said. The unidentified male was shoot in the neck and taken to Loyola college Medical center in Maywood, whereby he to be pronounced dead.A guy was killed and also another injured in a drive-by Sunday morning in West Garfield Park. About 7 a.m., they were standing in the 400 block of southern Kostner Avenue as soon as a white vehicle pulled up and also someone inside started firing shots, police said. Keith Melton-McKinney, 56, was struck in his head and also shoulder, authorities said. He died at mount Sinai Hospital. The 2nd man, 39, to be struck twice in the shoulder and also stabilized in ~ Loretto Hospital.A man was killed Sunday morning in Ukrainian Village. A man, around 30 years old, was discovered on the ground roughly 1 a.m. V a gunshot wound to the torso in the 900 block of phibìc Damen Avenue, police said. That was taken to Stroger Hospital, where he died, police said. His surname hasn’t to be released.Sunday morning, a woman was fatally shot in Gresham top top the southern Side. Kailah Bledsoe, 22, to be shot by a woman who walked approximately her about 10:30 a.m. In the 7600 block of southern Morgan Street, police said. Bledsoe was struck in the face and also taken to the college of Chicago medical Center, whereby she was pronounced dead. No arrest was made.A 15-year-old young was shot Saturday afternoon in Gresham ~ above the south Side. Around 3:45 p.m., the 15-year-old was near an alley in the 7900 block of south Justine Street as soon as he was shot in the chest, police said. The teen was required to Christ Medical facility in Oak Lawn in serious condition, police said.A 16-year-old young was shot while waiting for a friend Friday night ~ above the near West Side. The teen was was standing outside about 7:30 p.m. In the 300 block of southern Western Avenue once someone in the back seat that a black Kia fired shots, police said. He was struck in the thigh and also taken come Illinois Masonic Medical facility in good condition, police said.A male was shot in his life room Sunday morning in Chicago Lawn top top the southern Side. The attack happened around 1:15 a.m. In the 6100 block of southern Campbell Avenue. The 22-year-old to be was shoot in the shoulder and grazed in his head, police said. The was required to Christ Medical center in Oak Lawn in same condition, police said.

At the very least 18 others to be wounded in shootings in Chicago this weekend.

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Last weekend, three human being were killed and 26 others wounded in shootings in Chicago.