The chef County medical examiner’s office has found 510 deaths in in 2019 to be homicides. The CPD, meanwhile, has classified 491 deaths together murders.

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Though there were much more than 500 killings this year, is poised to end up the decade through the fewest murders in a given year because 2015 — capping a te that saw an ext than 5,200 human being killed throughout the city.

As that Monday, the Police Department had tallied 491 murders on the year. The total is down from the 579 videotaped in 2018, the 670 in 2017 and also the virtually 800 recorded in 2016. The cook County medical examiner’s office, meanwhile, has uncovered 510 deaths in in 2019 to be homicides.

“This is a milestone for us, it’s no success though,” CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Monday.

So far, arrests have actually been make in 101 murder instances that originated in 2019, follow to room records.

The Harrison district on the West side — historically among the many violent components of the city — again had actually the many murders of the CPD’s 22 districts in 2019, through 71 together of Monday. The Lincoln ar on the north Side was the only district in the city to not check out a solitary murder every year.

The deadliest incident the the year arisen in October when, authorities allege, Krysztof Marek opened fire top top a family in a condo building on the Northwest Side, killing five. It was the 4th time because 2001 that 5 or more people were murdered in a single incident in

The largest decrease in murders come in the CPD’s Calumet ar on the far South Side. In 2018, the district experienced 61 murders. This year, the full dropped come 32, despite the district was tho the seventh most dangerous in the city overall.

CPD leadership is meant to address 2019’s killing totals Tuesday.

The CPD and medical examiner’s office categorize violent deaths differently, which leader to an annual discrepancy in the 2 agencies’ yearly totals.

The medical examiner’s office identify cause and manner of death — natural, accident, suicide or homicide — when the Police Department determines if a homicide was criminal in nature.

Though the state are frequently — and also incorrectly — offered interchangeably, no all homicides are murders. Because that example, a concealed-carry holder fatally shooting a gunman in little Village in May. The clinical examiner’s office rule the death a homicide, yet the CPD no classify the fatality as a murder.

The CPD’s statistics likewise do not include shootings that take place on expressways, as those space investigated by the Illinois State Police. Additionally, if someone experienced an injury in 2018 however died of those wounds in 2019, the CPD would certainly classify that as a 2018 murder. The medical examiner’s office, meanwhile, would consider that to be a 2019 homicide.’s 2019 killing victims ranged in age from simply a few months to 75 years old.

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According to the clinical examiner’s office, the bulk of’s homicide victims — 315 together of Monday — to be African American males in between 15 and 40 years old. Forty-eight that 2019’s victims to be Latino males between 16 and 40. Afri American women accounted because that 43 homicide victim in 2019, varying in age from 18 come 70.