many California counties experienced an unprecedented rise in the number of homicides in 2020, with numerous seeing jumps the 25% or more. This jumps were moved by total homicides, and also guns play an increasing duty in robberies and also aggravated assaults.

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Homicides climbed about California and also the country in 2020. Concentrating on the year that the attack causing the death—rather 보다 the year it to be reported come the FBI Uniform Crime Report—statewide data mirrors that homicides jumped indigenous 1,658 in 2019 to 2,161 in 2020. This is the biggest yearly increase because reliable statewide record-keeping because that crime began in 1960, boost of 30.3%.

Among the 36 counties through at the very least 100,000 residents and also consistent homicide report in both 2019 and 2020, just 4 counties experienced a 2020 decrease: Monterey, Ventura, Contra Costa and also Santa Barbara. Only 2 of those counties—Contra Costa and Ventura—are among the state’s 15 largest counties.

Of the state’s 15 largest counties, 13 saw homicide prices go up more than 10%. In nine of those counties, rates climbed at least 20%—and within that group, 7 counties jumped by 30% or more, including 4 where prices surged by much more than 40%. The best by portion was Fresno County, where homicides climbed from 55 to 94, or nearly 71%.


Gun homicides account for many of the boost in practically all big counties, varying from about fifty percent of the all at once increase (Santa Clara) to an ext than the in its entirety increase in homicides in some counties. For example, in Orange and also San Diego Counties, the rising variety of gun deaths was same to the in its entirety rise because that homicides. In Fresno, mountain Mateo, and also Sacramento Counties the variety of gun deaths rose much more than the full increase for homicides (which is possible when there is a decrease in some other way of death).


The role of firearms is also growing in robbery and aggravated assaults. While practically three-quarters of all homicides in 2020 space gun deaths, 25% that robberies and virtually 22% the aggravated assaults involve a gun—up native 2019 by 1.2 and also 4.8 portion points respectively.

The re-publishing of strikes involving firearms went increase in 14 that the 15 largest counties, v Contra Costa rising virtually 10 portion points, from 21.3% come 31%. Mountain Joaquin County, however, to reduce slightly—by 0.4 portion points, native 23.3% to 22.9%. And while robberies statewide fell by 14.2% in 2020, the re-publishing of robberies involving weapons rose in 10 the the 15 biggest counties.

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Determining underlying determinants to the troubling and tragic ns of stays will it is in challenging, yet it is an essential to reversing the recent jump in homicides. Impressive pandemic conditions in addition to economic hardship, civil unrest, alters in policing, a rough election year, and escalating gun sales may all it is in contributing factors, although particular evidence has actually yet to be found. Present data about violent crime data points to the require for further assessing and knowledge the function of accessibility to guns.


Blog post · April 27, 2021

California’s major Cities See boosts in Homicides and also Car thefts