Hyacinth Ave., feather west to the 9200 block from the street"s intersection through Emmaline Dr., right, Thursday, Oct, 14, 2021. Baton Rouge police reported another homicide in the city overnight, extending an extraordinary streak that violence that exceeds 110 homicides in eastern Baton Rouge Parish this year. Emanie Gerard Anderson Jr., 29, was uncovered dead Thursday morning at a residence in the 9200 block of Hyacinth Avenue. Police officers said a motive and a doubt were not well-known Thursday morning.

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East Baton Rouge Parish homicides bound the record high set last year when a guy was shot to death at his residence on Hyacinth Avenue early on Thursday, the recent life lost during an unmatched streak that violence. 

Emanie Gerard Anderson Jr., 29, was uncovered dead Thursday morning in the 9200 block that Hyacinth Avenue between Staring Lane and Perkins Road, west the Mayfair Elementary. 

Baton Rouge police stated Anderson died at the scene. Police have not yet identified a suspect or motive in the killing.


After years of worsening staffing shortages, the variety of sworn police officers in the Baton Rouge Police Department has actually fallen come its lowest point …

The Thursday morning shooting significant the 114th homicide taped this year throughout East Baton Rouge Parish, according to records preserved by The Advocate. The matches the total number during every one of 2020 — which itself collection a record.

The newspaper tracks intentional and unjustified homicides per federal crime reporting rules. The parish has had around three homicides a main on median this year.

With tho 10 mainly left in 2021, the homicide rate will most likely well surpass every previous records. 

This an extensive surge in total violence is not unique to Baton Rouge. Cities across the country experienced comparable increases starting shortly ~ the onset of the pandemic in early on 2020.


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Experts and also local officials have actually struggled come pinpoint reasons for the increase, though they greatly agree that pandemic stress and strained relationship with legislation enforcement adhering to the fatality of George Floyd likely both play a role.

East Baton Rouge had surpassed 100 homicides throughout a calendar year just twice before: in 2020 and 2017.

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With reports that two much more deadly shootings Tuesday night and also early Wednesday, eastern Baton Rouge Parish tallied its seventh homicide in eight day…

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