ATLANTA — ~ above Friday there was a twin shooting that killed a brother and also sister. Saturday police discovered a guy with multiple gunshot wounds in a vehicle. An ambulance take it him to the hospital wherein he died. Beforehand Sunday morning, three civilization were eliminated in a parking lot, one remained in a wheelchair. That’s six homicides citywide in just one weekend. This exact same weekend, Atlanta pass a grim marker of more than 100 homicides in 2021 so far.

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This is the faster in the year Atlanta has seen 100 homicides in the past few years. Follow to data top top the department’s website, during the 34th mainly of the year, Atlanta had 61 killing in 2018, 63 killing in 2019, and 92 murders in 2020.

Three males were shot and killed close to a popular southwest Atlanta lounge at an early stage Sunday morning. This incident significant at least 103 homicides in the city of Atlanta so far in 2021.

It taken place in the parking lot of a multi-business plaza at the corner of McDaniel Street and Whitehall Street shortly after 12:30 a.m., police said. The businesses that occupy the plaza incorporate Kulture Kutz, The wing Shack, and also Kiss Ultra Lounge.

Kiss Ultra Lounge to be the only establishment open at the time of the shooting, yet police stressed the it go not take place within the basic of the business.

The 100th homicide happened Saturday afternoon ~ above Magnolia means NW where a guy was found shot inside a vehicle and also later died at the hospital.

The Atlanta Police Department said they responded to a human shot call just prior to 4:00 p.m. And found the guy with lot of gunshot wounds. Investigators have actually not released additional details.

A brother and sister were killed while sit in a auto in what police referred to as a targeted shooting. Currently officers have actually made one arrest. The shooting happened on Friday, Aug. 20 at approximately 8:45 p.m. On sells Ave. SW. Atlanta Police claimed Robert Bankston Jr. And also his large sister Cedrika Smith were pronounced dead on the scene.

A 35-year-old male is charged through their deaths and is now in the Fulton county Jail. He deals with three charges: Murder, Possession of a Firearm throughout the the supervisory board of a Felony, and also Possession of a Firearm by a judge Felon.

Police have not released plenty of details around the shooting, only saying it occurred after a dispute. Major D’Andrea Price to be on the scene Friday night and also said the victims live nearby.


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