There to be eighty-four homicides in the city of Atlanta last year. This is what us learned reading the police reports.

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Just just how safe is Atlanta?

  here is a list of the most dangerous huge cities (over 200,000 in population) compiled by legislation Street Media. The analysis, released critical November, contrasted cities according to their prices of violent crime in 2012—murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Data come from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports.

1. Detroit2. Oakland3. St. Louis4. Memphis5. Stockton, California6. Birmingham7. Baltimore8. Cleveland9. Atlanta10. Milwaukee

Law Street Media exit an upgrade to its list in February, using FBI stats from the first half of 2013. Compared with the same period in 2012, violent crime in Atlanta was down 9.75 percent, thanks to autumn in rapes, murders, and aggravated assaults. Robberies, however, to be up 11.23 percent in the very first six month of 2013, compared with the year before.

In 1960, once the city’s populace was 487,000, the homicide rate was low. Prices peaked in 1990 (reflecting nationwide trends), when population had dropped to 394,000. Today, homicides room falling and the population is increasing (444,000 in 2012). 


From the police reports > In early May, a pair was returning house after eat at a fast-food restaurant. “Several black color males exited a vehicle on Lowe Street and approached castle with guns drawn. They plunder the victim outside, and then notified the victims right into the house. Together they entered the house, the masculine victim started to fight with the robbers. Among the robbers fired his weapon numerous times.” The man died of the gunshot wounds.

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> follow to eyewitnesses, ~ above Sunday, December 1, Marilyn Taylor-Redding to be walking down Gartrell Street in the Old 4th Ward when Alex Mason, who remained in his silver- PT Cruiser, revved the engine, “put the car in drive, jumped the curb, and also ran Ms. Taylor-Redding over, bring about her death.” Neighbors got hold of Mason and held him till police arrived.

> Officers arrived at Magic City, a society on Forsyth Street, to find two guys shot best after “a large fight between 20 come 30 people developed inside the club. ~ the fight, a big group of world were escorted external of Magic City. The 2 victims exited the club at this time and also proceeded to your vehicle. They began to journey off as soon as someone all of sudden fired into the driver-side window, highlight both.” 


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