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She attend her an initial Democratic national Convention at period 12. Below she is at period 20 through John F. Kennedy at his inaugural ball.

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Pelosi met her husband, Paul, at Georgetown University. She to be a mother of five by 1969, as soon as the household moved to mountain Francisco. Paul worked as a banker, when Nancy increased their children and started a autonomous Party club at she home.


In 1976, she operated for the presidential campaign of California Gov. Jerry Brown, and by 1981, she to be the autonomous Party chair for the state that California, functioning behind the scene to recruitment candidates and raise money in the left-leaning state.


At age 47, after she youngest child had actually left for college, Pelosi was motivated by a dice congresswoman to operation for her seat. She threw 100 home parties, recruited 4,000 volunteers, and also raised $1 million in seven weeks.

She beat a san Francisco at sight in a one-of-a-kind election, winning one of the most solidly autonomous seats in the country. In June 1978, she to be sworn in v her dad by she side.

With natural political acumen, Pelosi rose quick in the democratic caucus. Right here she is with former California Rep. Leon Panetta, who would go on to offer as secretary the Defense and director of the CIA.

One of Pelosi's earliest and also most influential financial backers is E & J Gallo Winery, i m sorry produces 25% of the alcohol in America. The Pelosis very own two vineyards in California.

Pelosi knew California Sen. Dianne Feinstein as a ar years prior to they came to be two that the most an effective women in Congress. Here they room hanging out after Feinstein lost the California gubernatorial election in 1990.

As the member the the home from san Francisco, Pelosi took the command on LGBT rights and also the AIDS crisis earlier when those were unpopular topics nationally.

Pelosi was likewise one of the residence architects behind the 1994 assault-weapons ban, in addition to Feinstein and then Rep. Lining Schumer.

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Pelosi was also put on the an effective House Appropriations and Intelligence committees, and also was the ranking Democrat ~ above the international Operations committee. Right here she is through then Rep. Barney Frank in ~ a 1995 news conference.