President Joe Biden and an initial Lady Jill Biden own two dwellings in DelawareCredit: Alamy

How numerous homes go Joe Biden have?

Biden is well-known as “Middle course Joe” through his colleagues and took proud in his humble beginnings while to run for office. 

The president and very first lady Jill Biden own two homes in Delaware. 

Despite that, he has referred to as himself “one that the poorest members the Congress” together he recounts the story of cultivation up through a father that experienced number of financial hardships.

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In his autobiography titled assures to Keep, Biden claimed that he constantly had one affinity for real estate, saying: “Even together a kid in high school, I'd to be seduced by genuine estate."

In 2007, his network worth was apparently in the negatives due to his impressive mortgages as soon as he took the end loans in his at an early stage adulthood.


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Where space Joe Biden’s homes?

Biden’s existing home is situated in Greenville, Delaware, in the Wilmington suburb. 

He to buy the 6,850 square foot property in 1996 because that $350,000.

Since then, the industry value has actually increased, making the house worth practically $1million.

While he was vice president, the rented out the home to the secret Service for $2,200 and also wanted to offer it as soon as his son Beau got mind cancer to afford his treatments.

The Biden's beach home in DelawareCredit: GOOGLE EARTH

However, former President Obama at the time encouraged him not to and also loaned him the money instead. 

In 2017, Jill and also Joe purchased another property in Delaware because that $2.7million.

The residence is a short walk indigenous the beach and has six bedrooms and outdoor amenities for entertaining guests. 

It is situated in Rehoboth Beach and also it overlooks Cape Henlopen State Park.

Has he sold any homes?

Biden to buy a mansion in 1974 once he was widowed from his marriage to Neilia Biden.

The residence is located in Greenville, Delaware, and also at the time, he payment $185,000 because that it. 

The 10,000 square foot home was recognized as “The Station” due to the fact that he made decision to operation for office in 1988.

Joe to buy this property after his wife Neilia passedCredit: Google Earth

Are the homes paid off?

According to ar records, Biden has actually a $540,000 mortgage ~ above the Wilmington house and also it is yet to be paid off. 

There are likewise two various other liabilities provided on his disclosure. 

One of them is a line of credit, because that $15,000 to $50,000, i m sorry Biden co-signed with among his sons.

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