George Clooney is clearly a Hollywood A-lister, however, he"s additionally a male who"s maybe lucky sufficient to be married come a mrs like Amal Clooney, that is "a respected global human-rights lawyer," according to Vanity Fair. Castle are likewise parents to twins, Ella and Alexander, who have tendency to be kept out the the spotlight. Amal speak to Vogue in 2018 around one of the ways she and also her famous husband store the cameras far from their children, saying, "We certainly do much more things in our residence to certain privacy in a context where we can"t otherwise acquire it."

Fortunately for the family, they have multiple dwellings where they have the right to escape the spotlight. Considering the actor"s success in both the entertainment industry and also other rewarding business ventures — like the truth that he marketed his tequila business in an approximated $1 billion transaction back in 2017 — the shouldn"t be all the surprising to discover out the George and Amal have actually multiple enviable abodes. "Together, the famously philanthropic pair are raising their family all about the world," according to Business Insider. The outlet likewise notes the the couple"s "real-estate portfolio shows their jet-set lifestyle and their high network worths."

So where exactly do George, Amal, and also the small ones retreat native the big, broad world when they want to walk home and just it is in a household together? read on to discover out about their fabulous residences!

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George and Amal Clooney tied the knot in 2014, and "just a couple of weeks" after speak "I do," the newlyweds to buy Aberlash House, "a revived 17th-century mansion on the river Thames in London," according to Business Insider

Architectural Digest notes that the $13 million home, i m sorry the famous couple renovated, "sits ~ above a four-acre island in the center of the flow Thames," and also boasts a terrace, a pool house, "manicured gardens," and "a glass-covered garden room filled through citrus trees as well as a rustic cottage." The parents also included "a ring the trees roughly estate island"s perimeter" to ensure further privacy on the property. 

Inside the home, the household can reap their very own cinema, a spacious kitchen, a sitting room, and "towering ceilings" as well as "crisp Georgian moulding" in the entry hall. Past that, there room touches the lend come the English mansion atmosphere, choose herringbone hardwood floors and a wood-burning fireplace, i m sorry surely gives the residence a cozy vibe.

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George and Amal are apparently well known for having a "shared love because that hosting infamous parties at your gorgeous English home," every Architectural Digest. However, that"s not the only location where they invite their famous friends to stop by for a visit.

When the Obama family wanted to obtain away top top a vacation in the summer that 2019, Insider notes the they spent their vacation in Lake Como, Italy, while continuing to be at George Clooney"s europe home. According to The Local, the gibbs bought the house, which is recognized as Villa Oleandra, in 2002 together an "investment."

Although he initially thought he could "spend a few weeks each year" in ~ the Italian abode, the apparently fell in love with the area. That told The Sun (via Digital Spy), "What adjusted my life in a very pleasant and unexpected means was purchase the villa in Laglio." Clooney added, "I realized just how beautiful life remained in Italy and how it really aided calm me and not feel so pressured." In fact, he"s for this reason ingrained in the regional life, the "he to be made one honorary citizen," per The Local.

However, an concern cropped up because that the star once his privacy was threatened around the villa. That reportedly dealt with the issue by "install one egg-throwing device in his garden, which hurled raw eggs at boats that gained too close." That"s certainly one way to deal with nosy next-door neighbors or invasive paparazzi! us wonder if he has the same kind that contraption in his new York home.

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When George Clooney desires to head back to the joined States, he can always crash at his home in new York. In 2016, the star "bought permanent digs ... At deluxe apartment structure One Hundred eastern Fifty third Street," follow to Page Six. The residence is apparently situated near the united Nations, whereby the actor"s wife, lawyer Amal Clooney, tends to show up for job-related when she"s in town.

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While the tower wasn"t completed when the pair supposedly bought the home, the pair apparently to buy "a high-floor residence in upcoming building." However, while you could assume that they"d to buy the biggest and best apartment available, it turns out the they didn"t opt for the penthouse, which was collection to be two stories high and also was being readily available for a lining $65 million.

While it"s not clear exactly how much the Clooneys payment for your apartment, the cheapest houses in the building were being offered for $2.6 million, if a 3,385-square-foot, three-bedroom, and also 3.5 -bathroom space on the 49th floor was listed for $14.75 million. The superior residence boasts "direct elevator access" and also a stunning collection entranceway, as well as a an excellent room the boasts ceilings the are practically 11-feet high, floor-to-ceiling windows, and "dramatic northern, western and eastern exposures." The understand bedroom sits in a private edge of the house while additionally featuring "sweeping city views."