Presidential figures are amongst the most acclaimed figures in history, v Barack Obama being no exception. With such a well known man that lived eight year in the White House, it is an interesting question how many homes the owns currently after presidency.

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Barack Obama have the right to be presumed to own three residences. The is unknown whether his ahead residence in Chicago, Illinois near the Kenwood and Hyde Park communities is still owned by him. He likewise has a residence in Washington, D.C.’s Kalorama neighborhood and also Martha’s Vineyard in Edgartown, Massachusetts.

To learn an ext about Barack Obama’s present residences and the story of your attainment, keepreading below.

Temporary Residences/Vacations

Before elaborating on former president Barack Obama’s existing residences, that is crucial to distinguish from some rental properties he has previously used. It is a common practice for presidents to have actually “summer White Houses” and sometimes even “winter White Houses.”

Obama spent time at Blue Heron farm at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts for 2 weeks every summer throughout his an initial term. During the winter, he went back to his birthplace the Hawaii come Paradise allude at Kailua bay in Oahu in the winter of his an initial term and to Plantation Estate.

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Chicago Residence

Barack Obama met his wife, Michelle Obama, in Chicago wherein she flourished up. His daughters, Malia and Sasha, were additionally both born there.

He moved below in 2005 after receiving a book deal. The residence was valued in ~ $1.6 million at the time.

Despite Obama’s history on Greenwood Avenue, in the Kentwood and also Hyde Park area, he made that clear that he would not live there after his presidency. This to be mainly as result of the reality that it would be a well-known tourist attraction, and there would certainly no much longer be mystery Service protection on his block after he left office.

A photograph of the Obama family is visible in the Instagram photo below posted by Michelle herself.

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Washington D.C. Residence

The Obama household moved to a rented house only two miles from the White House. It to be over 8,000 square feet with very high-profile neighbors such as Ivanka Trump and also Jeff Bezos.

They soon made decision to outright acquisition this residence and put your roots down here. This was largely determined due to Barack’s daughter, Sasha, gift in school.

The house is situated in the Kalorama neighborhood. It was valued at about $8 million at the moment of purchase.

To watch a video clip of Obama’s post-presidential home watch below.

Martha’s Vineyard Residence

The latest enhancement to Barack Obama’s house portfolio emerged in 2019. Adhering to the upward tendency in valuation, his latest addition was valued at almost $12 million at the time of purchase.

While the residence is slightly smaller at just under 7,000 square feet, it sits atop 29 acres in Martha’s Vineyard. It to be purchased indigenous Wyc Grousbeck that is leader and also governor of the NBA’s Boston Celtics.

This acquisition was not completely out of the blue together the Obama family had spent many summers in Martha’s Vineyard. They had even rented this house previously in 2018.

This latest residence purchase even features its own private beach and boathouse. This area is a usual location for presidential vacations, but this is the first occurrence of a president purchasing a house there. 


In a decided to respect Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama said, “There’s only so huge a house you have the right to have.” he has additionally been a proponent of global warming and also climate adjust activism.

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However, some people felt his statement to be hypocritical being placed in between his two many expensive and largest residence purchases.