The hippopotamus population has grown steadily and also the animals have end up being a hazard, the examine argues.

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("s best-known drug trafficker, Pablo Escobar, may have actually been eliminated in 1993 however his influence proceeds to it is in felt in the country, periodically in unanticipated ways.

Hippopotamuses lugged to Colombia as part of Escobar"s exclusive zoo at his ranch, Hacienda Napoles, have bred so successfully that over there is serious problem over their environmental affect and human being safety, follow to a new study by researcher at Mexican and also Colombian universities.
The hippos have actually spread the end from their original home, part 100 miles eastern of the city that Medellin, in the Antioquia department, dispersing around the Magdalena river container as their populace continues to flourish steadily.



But if the study"s authors recommend a cull, Enrique Zerda Ordóñez, a biologist in ~ Colombia"s nationwide University, trust castration programs are the means forward.
Culling the hippos would be one "easy option," stated Zerda, yet it could affect the survive of a species that is under threat in Africa.
Though sterilizing hippos is no easy task, he said, that believes it is both possible and necessary to do so now, before their numbers climb further, follow to a press release from the university.
"Right now, the authorities don"t consider the types to be a problem," Zerda said, "but in the future, when there are 400-500 hippos, it can represent a risk to the survival of other varieties that feed in the very same areas."
David Echeverri Lopez, head of forests and biodiversity at the CORNARE local environmental agency, told that the case is delicate.
"The alternative of killing them has constantly been on the table," the said. "However it"s very daunting to imagine this could happen in ~ the moment."
While the hippos space an invasive varieties capable of completely changing local ecosystems, human being in the area have acquired used come them, Echeverri said. They"ve end up being a traveler attraction that human being feel part affection toward, the added.

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Some that the hippos will have to be killed, since it"s "practically impossible" come find and also relocate or sterilize them.
"But there are some other pets that are located in details areas, in lakes and places that permit for a bear control plan to be put in place, assuming the adequate sources are available," claimed Echeverri, that is working v the NGO animal Balance to try to find alternative solutions.