looks earlier at the 19 hijackers behind the 9/11 terror strikes on the 20th anniversary of the tragedy. Lock were influenced by al Qaeda, who leader Osama bin Laden was sheltered in Afghanistan and linked to several of the leaders of the brand-new Taliban government.

Image: 4 of the attackers were trained pilots: (from clockwise) Mohamed Atta, Marwan al Shehhi, Ziad Jarrah and Hani Hanjour

Twenty year on native the September 11th terror attacks, the Taliban are earlier in strength in Afghanistan.

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After being moved out by us forces following 9/11, the united state commitment to retract from the country ahead that the two-decade anniversary has resulted in Islamist rule there when again.

Despite Taliban guarantees to keep al Qaeda and also other terrorist groups out of Afghanistan, several members the their brand-new government have links come Osama bin Laden and former Taliban leader Mohammed Omar.

As the civilization marks 20 years because 9/11, skies look at at that the attackers were and how they are connected to the extremist ideological background that motivated them.

Four were trained pilots and also each attach by 3 to five "muscle hijackers" who overwhelmed passengers and crew while castle took control of their particular aircrafts.

The group, that came indigenous Saudi Arabia, the united Arab Emirates, Lebanon and also Egypt, were favored by al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan in 2000 before undergoing training at assorted camps throughout the country.

Those selected then travelled to Saudi Arabia to acquire US visas, prior to finally paris to America come await take-off top top 11 September.

American Airlines trip 11

The very first plane took turn off from Logan worldwide Airport in Boston and was bound because that Los Angeles global Airport however crashed into the phibìc tower of the human being Trade facility at 8.46am.


Mohamed Atta, 33, Egypt

Atta was quickly identified as the ringleader of the 9/11 attacks.

The 33-year-old grew up in a strict family in Egypt whereby he to be made to study hard. His family were not thought to be specifically religious.

After perfect a degree in style at Cairo college he relocated to Germany and also enrolled on an additional course at the technological University the Hamburg-Harburg.

It remained in Hamburg that his spiritual views show up to have intensified.

He formed a prayer team for like-minded Muslims in ~ his mosque, whereby he met two of the various other 9/11 pilots - Marwan al Shehhi and also Ziad Jarrah.

They became known as the "Hamburg cell" ~ seeking out al Qaeda and also eventually conference Osama bin Laden.

Atta come in the united state in the summer the 2000 and underwent flight training in southern Florida.

He travelled on number of commercial flights to better understand how to lug out the hijacking.


Wail al Shehri, 28, Saudi Arabia

Wail and Waleed al Shehri to be brothers native Asir, a deprived region of Saudi Arabia that boundaries Yemen, regularly referred to together the "wild frontier".

Wail to be a primary school teacher in Khamis Mushait yet travelled to the holy city of Medina in 2000 for aid with his mental wellness problems.

Accompanied by his brother, the pair to be redirected to Afghanistan wherein they were recruited by al Qaeda come take part in the 9/11 attacks.

He come in the united state in June 2001.

Waleed al Shehri, 22, Saudi Arabia

Wail"s brother Waleed travelled with him to Medina and then come Afghanistan.

They took part in one al Qaeda cultivate camp before acquiring us visas and also travelling to America.

In might 2001 he flew with other hijacker Satam al Suqami from fort Lauderdale in Florida to Freeport in the Bahamas.

The men had reservations in ~ the Bahamas Princess Resort however were rotate away because of visa issues on arrival.

He additionally flew solo to san Francisco in July, remaining in ras Vegas because that a night top top the means back.

This to be an unusual relocate as the was not instructed to take security flights prefer some the the various other attackers.

Satam al Suqami, 25, Saudi Arabia

Al Suqami was born and brought up in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

He to be studying regulation when he was recruited through al Qaeda along with fellow Saudi hijacker Majed Moqed to experience terrorist cultivate in Afghanistan.

Suqami was not considered specifically religious before his involvement through al Qaeda and also had been well-known to drink alcohol.

Reports case his passport was found close to the people Trade Center, with a member of the public picking it up and handing it come police shortly before the towers fell.

Abdulaziz al Omari, 22, Saudi Arabia

Al Omari was an additional hijacker native the bad Saudi province of Asir.

He had actually a level from the Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University and also often offered as an imam in ~ his mosque.

The 22-year-old was married v a daughter.

He is thought to have actually been teach by the radical Saudi Cleric Sulayman al Alwan at his mosque in al Qassim province - the heartland that what has been described as the strictest type of Islam well-known as Wahhabism.

The mosque has been described by experts as a "terrorist factory".

Al Omari was established by his passport, which was left in luggage at the plane that never made the onto his flight.

United Airlines flight 175

The 2nd plane was on the same course as the first, having taken turn off from Logan international Airport in Boston - destined because that Los Angeles.

After it to be hijacked that crashed into the southern tower of the human being Trade facility at 9.03am.


Marwan al Shehhi, 23, joined Arab Emirates

Al Shehhi to be a student in the UAE before he moved to Germany in 1996.

In Hamburg in ~ the al Quds mosque the met 2 of the various other 9/11 pilots Mohamed Atta and also Ziad Jarrah.

After providing themselves come al Qaeda and also attending a camp in Afghanistan, al Shehhi come in Florida to execute his flight training, obtaining his pilots licence in December 2000.

He was heavily affiliated in the planning of the attacks and also took numerous surveillance flights come study exactly how they would certainly be brought out.

Al Shehhi to be the youngest that the four pilots top top 9/11.


Fayez Banihammad, 24, united Arab Emirates

Banihammad was one of only two Emirati hijackers.

He left his family members in the UAE and also travelled to the Asir region of Saudi Arabia where numerous of the other hijackers to be from.

From over there he was recruited to al Qaeda, informing his household he to be going travelling to take component in relief work overseas.

He had links to among the Saudi men who is alleged to have actually financed the assaults - Mustafa al Hawsawi.

Banihammad took trip to the us on a traveler visa.

Ahmed al Ghamdi, 22, Saudi Arabia

Al Ghamdi to be one of 4 hijackers to come from the Saudi region of Al Bahah.

It is mainly isolated and underdeveloped, yet home come several spiritual tourist sites.

He left school at an early stage to fight the Russians in Chechnya where he was most likely recruited to al Qaeda and also then sent out to Afghanistan to train.

Al Ghamdi was an imam and also known as particularly religious.

He come in the united state in might 2001 on a traveler visa.

Hamza al Ghamdi, 20, Saudi Arabia

Hamza al Ghamdi was among the youngest hijackers and came from the Al Bahah an ar of Saudi Arabia along with Ahmed al Ghamdi, Saeed al Ghamdi and also Ahmad al Haznawi.

According come their travel records and also family testimonies, the team were in contact with each various other as early on as 1999.

He, favor Ahmed, left Saudi to fight in Chechnya and also was recruited to al Qaeda there.

Hamza al Ghamdi also entered the us on a tourist visa in May, but continued come tell his household he remained in Chechnya.

Mohand al Shehri, 22, Saudi Arabia

Al Shehri was unrelated come the Al Shehri brothers, despite all three being from the very same region.

He favor several others in the group travelled to Chechnya come fight the Russians, having failed his researches in Saudi Arabia.

Al Shehri to visit a cultivate camp in Afghanistan and also was selected through al Qaeda officials come take component in the 9/11 attacks.

American Airlines trip 77

The 3rd flight come crash had actually taken turn off from Washington Dulles global Airport in Virginia.

It to be destined because that Los Angeles international Airport yet hijacked over Ohio prior to crashing right into the Pentagon in Washington DC at 9.37am.


Hani Hanjour, 29, Saudi Arabia

Hanjour to be the only pilot who currently had his commercial licence prior to being selected through al Qaeda.

He additionally had very great English having very first travelled to the united state to research at the college of Arizona in 1991.

Hanjour returned to the united state to live in California in 1996 prior to training to end up being a pilot in Arizona, finally getting his licence in 1999.

He arrived ago in the states for the critical time in December 2000, meeting up with fellow attacker Nawaf al Hazmi in san Diego prior to going back to Arizona for part pilot refresher training.

They moved to Virginia in 2001 and attended the Dar al Hijrah drops Church wherein the imam Anwar al Awlaki preached.


Nawaf al Hazmi, 25, Saudi Arabia

Nawaf and also Salem al Hazmi to be the 2nd pair of brothers who brought out the 9/11 attacks.

He and also Khalid al Mihdhar were the very first attackers to come in the united state in ready for the hijackings.

Nawaf al Hazmi was currently on the CIA"s watchlist.

He to be earmarked as a potential pilot yet underperformed in ~ his flying lessons in mountain Diego in 2000, with leaders allowing him to continue to be on as a hijacker.

Al Hazmi resettled in Virginia through pilot Hani Hanjour in April 2001, before carrying the end the attacks in September.

Khalid al Mihdhar, 26, Saudi Arabia

Al Mihdhar was an additional attacker currently known to the CIA at the moment of the attacks.

He had actually left residence to fight v the Bosnian Mujahideen throughout the Bosnian war of the 1990s.

There that was most likely recruited to take trip to Afghanistan to train v al Qaeda.

He arrived in the us to train together a pilot, but like al Hazmi, fell short of requirements and was demoted to gift a "muscle hijacker".

At this allude he travelled ago to check out his family in Yemen for a month and also had to be encouraged to return to Afghanistan because that training.

Miihdhar to be reported to have actually complained about life in the US prior to his death.

Majed Moqed, 24, Saudi Arabia

Moqed to be from a small town referred to as Al-Nakhil, west the Medina, in Saudi Arabia.

He was studying law at university once he to be recruited to Afghanistan come train through al Qaeda.

Moqed was friends v Satam al Suqami, who was a hijacker top top the an initial 9/11 flight.

He arrived in the united state in might 2001 and also helped setup the attacks in the months prior to they were lugged out.

Salem al Hazmi, 20, Saudi Arabia

Salem al Hazmi was the younger brothers of Nawaf, that was a hijacker on the same flight as him.

His family, indigenous the Al Bahah region, claimed he to be a an overwhelming teenager and not an especially religious.

A member that al Qaeda stated his brothers Nawaf pleaded with Osama bin Laden come let the take part in the attacks.

He arrived in the united state on a traveler visa in June 2001 and cleared up in brand-new Jersey prior to 11 September.

United Airlines flight 93

The fourth and final plane involved in the 9/11 strikes had taken off from Newark worldwide Airport in new Jersey tied for san Francisco worldwide Airport.

It was hijacked and headed towards Washington DC, but passengers regulated to conquer the attackers and also crash floor in a ar in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.


Ziad Jarrah, 26, Lebanon

Jarrah to be the just hijacker come come native Lebanon.

He prospered up in a secular household but moved to Hamburg, Germany in the 1990s wherein he met two of the other pilots Mohamed Atta and also Marwan al Shehhi.

They formed what ended up being known as the Hamburg cell and also joined al Qaeda.

He come in Florida come train together a pilot in the summer the 2000 but returned to Germany to check out his girl friend after gaining his licence.

It was reported that Jarrah changed his mind about the plot while he to be away from the US.

Ramzi bin al Shibh, one more member the the Hamburg cell, is thought to have persuaded him come go through with it.

He had prepared to take trip to the us to gain his pilots licence but was refused a visa.

Jarrah was figured out by his passport, i beg your pardon was uncovered at the crash site.


Saeed al Ghamdi, 21, Saudi Arabia

Al Ghamdi was additionally from the Al Bahah an ar of Saudi Arabia.

He common the very same tribal affiliations together Ahmed al Ghamdi, that was on the 2nd plane, and also Ahmad al Haznawi, who was ~ above the exact same plane.

Al Ghamdi, choose several others, dropped out of education to fight the Russians in Chechnya and also was rediverted to Afghanistan to train v al Qaeda.

He arrived in the us in June 2001, practicing for the strikes in Florida.

The 21-year-old was determined by his passport, which, along with Jarrah"s, was uncovered at the crash site.

Ahmad al Haznawi, 20, Saudi Arabia

Al Haznawi came from the secluded Al Bahah an ar of Saudi Arabia.

Like numerous of his contemporaries he battled in Chechnya, where he was sent out to Afghanistan for an al Qaeda cultivate camp.

He arrived in the us in June 2001 and also lived in Florida while he all set for the attacks in September.

Ahmed al Nami, 23, Saudi Arabia

Al Nami was born in the impoverished Asir region of Saudi Arabia.

He had trained in announcing the contact to prayer and also left his household to go on the Hajj trip in 2000 however never returned.

After being recruited through al Qaeda he visited an Afghan maintain camp whereby he met the al Shehri brothers and also Saeed al Ghamdi, that was likewise on his plane.

He come in the united state in may 2001 on a traveler visa and lived in Florida front of the attacks.

Who's that in the new Taliban government

Al Qaeda and also the Taliban

Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden established al Qaeda in 1988 ~ fighting against the Soviets v the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

He to be from a rich Saudi family members but worked out in Afghanistan after ~ the dispute to collection up a base because that his jihadist group.

The Taliban rule the nation for five years between 1996 and 2001, throughout which time the leader Mohammed Omar formed ties v bin Laden as he plotted an assault on the US.

Although their beliefs differed, both groups" beliefs were rooted in too much Islam and also a hatred of the West.

The Taliban were ousted throughout President George Bush"s battle on Terror yet are ago in power adhering to the us withdrawal in August.

Although bin Laden was eliminated in an operation by the Obama management in 2011, and the Taliban has actually promised no to enable al Qaeda right into the country, many of their current ministers are connected to the old regime.

Mohammad Hasan Akhund - exhilaration prime minister

Mohammad Hasan Akhund is indigenous Kandahar, the birthplace of the Taliban and also former residence of al Qaeda"s Al Farouq maintain camp, where numerous of the attackers prepared for the 9/11 attacks.

He is likewise an associate of former Taliban leader Mohammed Omar, who had actually longstanding web links with bin Laden prior to 2001.

Khairullah Khairkhwa - acting society and details minister

Khairullah Khairkhwa was recorded by the US complying with the attacks in 2001 and also detained in ~ Guantanamo Bay.

He to be released in 2014 and is now ago in power.

The previous governor of Herat district has long been accused of being a close combine of bin Laden and other al Qaeda members, something the denies.

Mohammad Yaqoob - exhilaration defence minister

Mohammad Yaqoob is Mohammed Omar"s son.

His dad had occurred close ties with bin Laden in the years before 9/11.

Yaqoob"s family connections v the former Taliban provide him exceptionally high rank in today"s organisation.

He is likewise thought to have had actually the backing that Saudi Arabia transparent his armed forces career.

Abdul Ghani Baradar - exhilaration deputy element minister

Abdul Ghani Baradar co-founded the Taliban movement.

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He is the only surviving group leader to have been personally appointed by Mohammed Omar - bin Laden"s associate-turned rival.

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