TheHiggins Boat

“Andrew Higgins is theman who won the battle for us.”

-President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1964 interview

ThePresident go on to explain: “If Higgins had actually not designed and built thoseLCVPs (Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel), us never might have landed overan open up beach.The whole strategy of the war would have been different.”And as Colonel Joseph H. Alexander, USMC (Ret) said, “The Higgins boats brokethe gridlock on the ship-to-shore movement. That is difficult to overstatethe tactical benefits this craft provided U.S. Amphibious leaders in people WarII.”

Clearly,the half-wood half-steel “smallboat” intended a lot to the War. These attack orLCVP boats would land troops and material on invasion beachheads. Theirdesigner, Andrew Higgins, a fire-tempered Irishman that drank whiskey choose afish, to be originally structure oil-prospecting wooden watercrafts in Louisiana. Oncethe war damaged out, that was hopeful there would certainly be a need among the U.S. Navyfor thousands of tiny boats—and was additionally sure that steel would be in shortsupply. In an usual moment that eccentricity, Higgins to buy the entire 1939crop that mahogany native the Philippines and also stored it on his own.

Higgins’expectations were right, and also as the war developed he used for a place inNaval design. Insisting that the marine “doesn’t know one cursed thing about smallboats,” Higgins struggled because that years to to convince

themof the require for small wooden boats. Finally he signed the contract to develophis LCVP.

Employingmore than 30,000 because that an incorporated workforce in new Orleans (pictured at left<1>).Higgins to work blacks and also women amongst them, which was uncommon exercise atthe time. This pressure eagerly started mass-producing the “Higgins boats,” whichwere 36’3” in length and also had a beam the 10’10”. Your displacement once unloadedwas 18,000 lbs., and also they might maintain a rate of 9 knots. They to be defendedby 2 .30 caliber an equipment guns, and also could carry 36 combat-equipped infantrymenor 8,000 pounds of cargo. For a detailed photo of a Higgins boat’s anatomy,see the photo below.

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In addition to the help of various other American factories, Higginsproduced 23,398 LCVPs during the War.


During the Normandy intrusion on D-day, the Higgins boatslanded troops from the 1st Infantry division directly into the sandyteeth the the many heavily fortified German sector—Omaha beach.



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