Gutzon Borglum selected these 4 presidents because from his perspective, they stood for the most vital events in the history of the unified States. Would one more artist at the time, or possibly a contemporary artist choose differently? as you read an ext about Borglum"s choices, think about what you can have excellent if the decision was approximately you.

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George Washington, an initial President that the unified States

Born 1732, died 1799. Washington led the homesteaders in the American Revolutionary war to win independence from good Britain. He to be the dad of the new country and laid the foundation of American democracy. Because of his importance, Borglum decided Washington to it is in the many prominent number on the mountain and represent the bear of the unified States.

"The conservation of the sacred fire the Liberty, and the destiny of the Republican model of Government, are justly taken into consideration as deeply, probably as lastly staked, ~ above the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people." George Washington

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Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the unified States

Born 1743, passed away 1826. Jefferson to be the primary author of the declaration of Independence, a paper which inspires democracies about the world. He likewise purchased the Louisiana territory from France in 1803 which double the size of our country, adding all or component of fifteen contemporary states. Gutzon Borglum determined Jefferson to stand for the growth of the joined States.

"We act not for ourselves yet for the whole human race. The event of ours experiment is to display whether man can be trusted v self - government." thomas Jefferson

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Theodore Roosevelt, 26th chairman of the United says

Born 1858, died 1919. Roosevelt provided leadership as soon as America skilled rapid economic growth together it gone into the 20th Century. He was important in negotiating the construction of the Panama Canal, linking the east and also the west. That was well-known as the "trust buster" because that his work-related to end huge corporate monopolies and ensure the legal rights of the typical working man. Borglum decided Roosevelt to stand for the advancement of the joined States.

"The very first requisite the a an excellent citizen in this Republic of ours is that he shall it is in able and willing to traction his weight - that he shall not be a only passenger." Theodore Roosevelt

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Abraham Lincoln, 16th chairman of the joined States

Born 1809, passed away 1865. Lincoln hosted the country together throughout its greatest trial, the civil War. Lincoln thought his most sacred duty to be the preservation of the union. It to be his firm conviction that slavery have to be abolished. Gutzon Borglum determined Lincoln to represent the preservation of the united States.

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"I leave you hoping the the desk lamp of liberty will certainly burn in her bosoms till there shall no longer be a doubt that all guys are created totally free and equal." Abraham Lincoln

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1. George Washington1789 - 1797 2. John Adams1797 - 1801Federalist3. Thomas Jefferson1801 - 1809Democratic - Republican4. James Madison1809 - 1817Democratic - Republican5. James Monroe1817 - 1825Democratic - Republican6. John Quincy Adams1825 - 1829Democratic - Republican7. Andrew Jackson1829 - 1837Democrat8. Martin van Buren1837 - 1841Democrat9. Wilhelm Henry Harrison1841Whig10. John Tyler1841 - 1845Whig11. James K. Polk1845 - 1849Democrat12. Zachary Taylor1849 - 1850Whig13. Millard Fillmore1850 - 1853Whig14. Franklin Pierce1853 - 1857Democrat15. James Buchanan1857 - 1861Democrat16. Abraham Lincoln1861 - 1865Republican17. Andrew Johnson1865 - 1869Democrat18. Ulysses S. Grant1869 - 1877Republican19. Rutherford B. Hayes1877 - 1881Republican20. James A. Garfield1881Republican21. Chester A. Arthur1881 - 1885Republican22. Grover Cleveland1885 - 1889Democrat23. Benjamin Harrison1889 - 1893Republican24. Grover Cleveland1893 - 1897Democrat25. William McKinley1897 - 1901Republican26. Theodore Roosevelt1901 - 1909Republican27. William H. Taft1909 - 1913Republican28. Woodrow Wilson1913 - 1921Democrat29. Warren G. Harding1921 - 1923Republican30. Calvin Coolidge1923 - 1929Republican31. Herbert C. Hoover1929 - 1933Republican32. Franklin D. Roosevelt1933 - 1945Democrat33. Take care of S. Truman1945 - 1953Democrat34. Dwight D. Eisenhower1953 - 1961Republican35. Man F. Kennedy1961 - 1963Democrat36. Lyndon B. Johnson1963 - 1969Democrat37. Richard M. Nixon1969 - 1974Republican38. Gerald R. Ford1974 - 1977Republican39. Jimmy Carter1977 - 1981Democrat40. Ronald Reagan1981 - 1989Republican41. George H. W. Bush1989 - 1993Republican42. Wilhelm J. Clinton1993 - 2001Democrat43. George W. Bush2001 - 2009Republican44. Barack Obama2009 - 2017Democrat45. Donald J. Trump2017 - 2021Republican46. Joseph R. Biden, Jr.2021 -Democrat