According to Christian tradition,every one of us has a guardian angel, that accompanies united state from the minute we’re born until the moment of our death, and stays at our next at every moment of ours life. The idea of ​​a spirit, the a supernatural entity that follows and supervises every human being, was already present in other religions and also in Greek philosophy. In the Old Testament, we can read that God is surrounding by a real court that heavenly numbers who praise Him and also perform actions in His name. Even in these ancient books, over there are constant references to angels sent out by God together protectors of people and also individuals, and messengers. In the Gospel, Jesus invites us to respect also the smallest and also humble, in a recommendation to your angels, who watch end them native heaven and contemplate the face of God at every moment.

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The Guardian Angel, therefore, is connected to everyone who stays within God’s grace. The Fathers that the Church, favor Tertullian, Saint Augustine, Saint Ambrose, Saint man Chrysostom, Saint Jerome and Saint Gregory the Nyssa, kept that a guardian point of view existed for each person, and also although over there was no yet a dogmatic formulation worrying this figure, currently during the board of directors of Trent (1545 – 1563) the was proclaimed that every human being being had actually their very own angel.

From the ten century onwards, the spread of famous devotion increased and Pope Paul V added the festival of guardian angels to the calendar.

Also in sacred representations and above all, in the images of renowned devotion, Guardian Angels began to appear, and were usually depicted in the act ofprotecting kids from harm. In fact, it is specifically by youngsters that us are encouraged to talk through our Guardian Angels, and to deal with our prayers to them. As we flourish up, this blind trust, this unconditional love towards an invisible yet extraordinarily reassuring presence, fades.

The guardian angels are constantly near come us

Here’s what we have to remember at any time we desire to find it close to to us:


Guardian angels exist.

The Gospel affirms this, the scriptures support that by numerous examples and also episodes. The Catechism teaches us from very early age to feeling this presence on our side and also to to trust in it.

Angels have always existed.

Our Guardian angel is not produced with us at the moment of our birth. Lock have constantly existed, from the immediate at i beg your pardon God created all of the angels. It to be a solitary event, a solitary moment in which magnificent Will generated all the angels, through the thousands. ~ this, God no much longer created any other angels.

There is one angelic hierarchy and not every angels room destined to come to be Guardian Angels.

Even the angels different from each various other in their tasks, and over all in your positions in heaven contrasted to God. Some angels in specific are selected to take it a check and, if they pass it, they are qualified because that the duty of Guardian Angels. When a child is born, one of these angels is preferred to was standing by his side until death and also beyond.

We all have actually one
Buy ~ above of an Angel v a Lyre

… and only one. Us cannot market it, we have the right to not share it through anyone. In this regard also, the scriptures are full of references and quotations.

Our point of view guides us on the pathway come Heaven

Our angel cannot oblige us to follow the path of goodness. He cannot decide for us, impose selections on us. Us are and also remain free. But his function is precious, important. Together a silent and also trustworthy advisor, our angel continues to be by ours side, trying come advise united state for the best, to indicate the appropriate path to follow, to obtain salvation, to worthy Paradise, and over all to be good people and an excellent Christians.

Our Angel never ever abandons us

In this life and in the next, we will recognize that we deserve to count on them, on these invisible and special friends, who never leave united state alone.

Our point of view is no the soul of a dead person

Although it could be nice come think that when someone us love died, they ended up being an Angel, and as such went back to be by our side, unfortunately, this isn’t so. Our guardian angel cannot it is in anyone we have actually known in life, nor a member of our household who has passed away prematurely. That has always existed, the is a spiritual existence generated directly by God. This go not median that it loves us less!We must remember that God is Love very first and foremost.

Our guardian angel has no name

… or, if the has, that is no our task to establish it. In the Scriptures, the name of part angels are mentioned, such together Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. Any other name attributed to these celestial creatures is neither documented nor confirmed by the Church, and also as together it is unreasonable to case it to usage for ours Angels, specifically by pretending we’ve determined it using a fanciful method like the month of ours birth, etc.

Our point of view fights on our side with all his strength.

We need to not think of having a soft plump cherub at our side playing the harp. Our angel is a warrior, a solid and courageous fighter, that ranks in ~ our side in every fight of life and also protects us once we are too fragile to carry out it alone.

Our guardian angel is likewise our an individual messenger, charged through bringing our messages to God, and also vice versa.

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It is to the angels that God addresses self in communicating with us. Their job is to make us understand his Word, and also move united state in the best direction.