Why Grease 3 Didn't happen Grease is among the many successful musicals ever and also made method for a franchise, however why didn"t Grease 3 happen? Let"s take a look.

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Why Grease 3 Didn't Happen
Grease is one of the many popular and beloved musicals, and it obtained a cinematic adaptation in 1978 which to be equally successful as the stage musical. This success made means for a sequel, merely titled Grease 2, but a 3rd movie never ever happened – here’s why. Amongst the most common practices in the film sector is adapting stage musicals to the huge screen, yet no matter how renowned these can be, no all reach the same success as the initial musical. However, there are others that, if different, to be well-received by viewers and also critics and also have end up being classics, as is the case of Grease.

Based on the 1971 music of the exact same name through Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, Grease to be directed by Randal Kleiser and also starred john Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as high schoolers Danny Zuko and Sandra Olsson. Grease speak the story the the summer romance in between Danny and also Sandy, who finish up coming across various obstacles when school starts and they establish they come from an extremely different backgrounds and also cliques. The course, the essence of Grease is the music, which merged songs from the stage version and original ones, such together “You’re the One That ns Want” and also “Hopelessly dedicated To You”, and likewise became widely well-known with the audience. The success of Grease made method for a sequel, Grease 2, which completely failed to affix with the audience.

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Grease 2 to be directed through Patricia Birch, choreographer of the an initial movie and also the phase musical, and also starred Maxwell Caulfield and also Michelle Pfeiffer. Collection two years after the very first movie and once an ext at Rydell High School, Grease 2 follows the romance in between Michael and also Stephanie, who come across the same difficulties as Danny and Sandy, just this time Stephanie is the leader that the Pink Ladies and Michael go what he have the right to to fit her vision that the best man. Grease 2 was a vital and advertising failure, placing an end to any kind of plans for a third movie, despite the idea because that Grease 3 reemerged year later, however once much more didn’t go previous a concept.

In 2003, it was announced (via People) the Grease 3 to be in breakthrough at paramount Pictures and also the studio was looking to carry Travolta and Newton-John back. The idea was for Grease 3 to follow the kids of Danny and Sandy in the so late 1970s and also now through disco music as the soundtrack"s genre. The was additionally reported the Didi Conn (Frenchy in Grease) would serve as an executive producer and was crucial in gaining the third movie off the ground, however the project never completely took off. Back Newton-John common she would be ready to return because that Grease 3, she said it would only occur if the story was good as it had to it is in “cleverly done”. Later, in 2008, it was reported the Paramount to be planning a brand-new Grease sequel because that a directly to DVD release, however that never pertained to fruition either. Grease 3, then, has actually been stopped by the major failure the Grease 2, the absence of a good story, and the studio changing its plans.

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It’s i can not qualify Grease 3 will happen now, however that doesn’t mean that the franchise has closed the doors. In 2019, plans because that a prequel come the original Grease were announced, titled Summer Lovin’, v Brett Haley joining as director, and also later that year, a TV series titled Grease: increase of the Pink Ladies to be announced, and is planned come be exit on Paramount+. Grease 3 no what the franchise needs, largely after the failure of Grease 2, however hopefully, the brand-new projects will be handled better and tell engaging stories through catchy music.